Want a CCTV or IP camera brand that is reliable and simple to setup? Look no further! Sricam Philippines is here with the biggest selection. Check out Sricam Philippines below!

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How to choose a Sricam IP/CCTV camera?

Safety is one part of life we can never compromise. In the Philippines, many of us are used to seeing things happen on CCTVs. Particularly when it comes to robberies, thefts, or accidents, CCTVs become some of the most useful forms of documentation of evidence. We can never be too safe when taking precautions, that’s why we look into CCTV and IP camera technology. One brand that possesses all the necessary tools for keeping an eye out is Sricam. Sricam Philippines is one of the biggest brands of IP cameras used. Now with the updated technology in Wi-Fi and wireless recording, you’ve got unlimited options for CCTVs with Sricam. Read more to find out why you need Sricam.

Now it’s time to choose your Sricam IP/security camera. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your Sricam camera:

  • When choosing an IP camera, determine what it is exactly you are trying to monitor. Monitoring indoor would require a different system as compared to outdoor.
  • Consider the radius of filming. How large is the space you are filming? Larger areas may need to use zooming capabilities. Choose a Sricam camera that has a wider field of view. Models such as the Sricam SP011 Wireless Mini HD Indoor IP camera have a larger field of view at a 355o angle.
  • Next, consider how obvious your camera is. Do your cameras need to be hidden or not? If you’re trying to catch a known thief, you might want to use an inconspicuous one. Blend your Sricam camera with its surroundings or put it somewhere obvious – it’s up to you.
  • Decide how many cameras do you need? To monitor a few areas at a time, you might need a few cameras strategically set in place. For multiple rooms in the vicinity, choose a few cameras to setup. Purchasing Sricam cameras in bulk but you can also save time and money.
  • Think about what basic features you are looking for in a Sricam CCTV/IP camera. Some points to consider are colour and definition of the image, connection and storage of the data, motion detection, night vision and weather protection.

If you are still clueless, these variants are the top selection among Sricam models in the Philippines:

  • Sricam SP017 720p HD Security IP Camera
  • Sricam SP012 720p P2P Wireless Security IP Camera
  • Sricam SP014 720p H.264 Wi-Fi Waterproof IP Camera
  • Sricam SP009 Indoor Wireless Security Camera

Now that you know more about Sricam cameras, it’s time to get shopping for you home and office security. Be sure to look through the selection above to pick out the best variants of Sricam cameras. You can also look for CCTV cameras in the Philippines here on iPrice to get a bigger range of brands and products available today. What are you waiting for? Shop online for Sricam today!

Sricam Philippines – A trusted brand

Whenever we purchase something, we need to know if we can trust it. The same can be said about our closed-circuit TV modules. We want the very best of a trusted brand that won’t let us down. You can find all of the above in Sricam. This Chinese company invested resources into creating the perfect IP camera model as well as CCTV systems. Keeping with the times, Sricam implements futuristic technology to bring you up to speed.

Why you need Sricam

So what makes Sricam a brand that you need? Why should you buy Sricam and overlook other brands such as Sony? Here are some reasons why you need Sricam:


It doesn’t take a genius to know when a brand has variety. Sricam’s repertoire of products are vast and cover all aspects of IP cameras that you will need. Sricam security cameras feature different colours, sizes, and specifications. Each is tailor-made to bring out (first and foremost) security.

Futuristic design

Sricam integrates a concept of the future into every mechanism they build. Sricam IP cameras definitely look the part when it comes to modern styling. Blending in with any surrounding you plug it into, Sricam cameras are inconspicuous yet effective.


Ultimately, we want an IP camera that is effective and does the job well. Sricam security cameras will not let you down. Tried and tested, these little bad boys will last for years. Taking in factors such as weather and accessibility, Sricam cameras are durable enough to keep watch over your property.

Easy setup

All this tech can sometimes be hard to install. That is not the case for Sricam. Most of its products are setup with a few simple steps. Each product comes with clear instructions as to its setup and installation, making it easy for anyone to fix it.