High quality writing and sketching materials are great investments if your passion belongs to this craft. What better way to fuel your passion than to satisfy it with the best instruments that could nurture it. When it comes to writing and sketching instruments, no other brand can contest the imprint of excellence that Staedtler has shown with their products. Check out more stuff from Steadtler Philippines here!


Staedtler Philippines: Different Strokes for Different Folks

About Staedtler Philippines

Staedtler Philippines is a brand that is fully owned by the Staedtler Foundation, a non profit organization that aims to promote scientific research at Universities and Polytechnics in Germany. Staedtler Foundation is also engaged in financing cultural projects like the reconstruction of Frauenkirche a structural heritage in Dresden.

Staedtler is a famed producer of writing instruments since 1835 in Nuremburg. Staedtler initially became populair in the UK with its Nris and Tradition pencil series. Aside from that, Staedtler also produced the classic Lumocolor pens and Lumograph pencils, technical drawing equipment like the Mars series and their Triplus range. Their most recent range of writing instrument is the Staedtler premium, integrating luxury into their instruments.

Why Staedtler Philippines?

Staedtler Philippines is a brand that's been patronized by all professional and non professional writers and artists. The reason behind is not just the luxurious quality that it offers, there are actually so much more to love with Staedtler.

  • Century old brand, time tested and developed
  • Wide range of writing and sketching instruments to choose from.
  • Many instruments are made of materials that are top notch in terms of sketching and writing.
  • The writing and sketching instruments from Staedtler are built with precision and functionality
  • Their output of every Staedtler pen or pencil is as elegant as its form and built.
  • High quality and durable
  • Work perfectly well with other Staedtler products

Staedtler's Writing and Sketching Kit

Staedtler Philippine's writing kit provides a complete writing and sketching instruments that will fulfill your desire for a total writing or sketching experience. Choose from a wide range of instruments that would suit your need for comfort, grip and shade in every stroke.

Staedtler Premium

The latest series in Staedtler's writing instruments which was inspired from Johann Sebastian Staedtler, honoring his spirit. The Staedtler Premium offers a range of beautifully crafted pens and pencils that will bring a luxurious shade in every touch, which is designed with top notch quality and precision.

Staedtler Colouring

A wide array of high quality coloring pencils and pens which can be used by kids and adults alike. The only difference is, with Staedtler, the coloring pens and pencils are made with best in its class materials.

Triplus Pens and Pencil

The pens and pencils that are triplus are designed to provide a comfortable shape for a precise and comfortable grip. These pens and pencils are molded into triangular barrels to serve its purpose.

Staedtler Technical Drawing

World class instruments used for technical drawing like the 308 Pigment Liner, Mars Matic and a range of templates and drafting pencils that are essential to the job.

Staedtler Pencil

Staedtler is famed for their Noris, Tradition and Mars Lumograph pencils. These are some of the most innovative pencils that are available in the market today. Recently, they have added a new series of pencils in their list - the Wopex. The Wopex is a pencil that is not made of wood from trees.

Staedtler Pens

The pens from Staedtlers leaves a very distinguished and fine imprint, they do it so well that it is downright amazing. Their pens are Fineliners, Markers, rollbers and ballpoints.

Staedtler Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils are just convenient and fancy, if there's one thing that best represents Staedtler it's these. Aside from the traditional pencil, Staedtler also has a number of Mechanical pencils to choose from: the drafting style pencils and the classic Mars 780 clutch pencil.

Staedtler Lumocolor

These are permanent and non permanent markers which are refillable. Lumocolor includes chinagraph pencils and correctable markers.


The highlighter from this brand are inkjet print and fountain pen inks safe. They're also very easy to refill.


This brand has the best eraser that you could find in the market. Their Mars Plastic is known for erasing all traces of led pencil with ease, leaving very little to no remnants behind. Aside from their famed pencil erasers, Staedtler also has PVC erasers, kneadable putty erasers, pencil style erasers that comes in wooden bodies and black erasers.


Staedtler sharpeners are especially made for their Noris and Tradition pencil series; its designed to fit them perfectly and the blade is crafted to cut the pencils smoothly. Despite that though,t heir sharpeners with matching tubs works very well with all other pencils.


This product is made to supply Staedtler's mechanical pencils with lead. The leads from Staedtlers measures at about 2mm for Mar Carbon Clutch pencil leaads. On the other hand, they also have colored graphite leads, still designed for mechanical pencils but will paint color into your writing or sketch.

When it comes to writing and sketching materials, if you want a fine and visually pleasing product in every storke, Staedtler will give your written creation a look that only pros can make.