While seems to be a new player in the memory market, Strontium continues to surprise the world with its amazing array of highly innovative and reliable products. Read more about Strontium Philippines here.

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Strontium Philippines Presents Strength Of Innovation

The growth of technology is utterly astounding as we now enjoy the power of personal computer in the palm-sized smartphones or the larger tablets. With vast amount of data storage and processing that is going on, we are actually surrounded by massive numbers of electronic devices. Such is the reality of the world that we are living in. In other words, the digital world is advancing rapidly and there is no escape from it. As for Strontium, it bravely carries the task of pioneering and producing highly innovative solutions to your everyday needs. When you are using its products, there is definitely strength of innovation that can be found abundantly in them.

About Strontium Philippines & Its Journey

Just as there is an epic story behind every beginning, so too Strontium possesses its own legend. According to its founders, it can be summed up in one single statement, "a missed flight, 5 hours of sipping coffee, and a whole lot of passion." As the saying goes, it always takes two to tango. As a result of a missed flight, Vivian Singh and Anshuman Gupta engaged in a robust brainstorming session over 6 cups of coffee at a hotel cafe! During that session, they have been making plans to leave their corporate worlds behind in order to forge their own destinies. Thanks to their experience and expertise as well as exposure to international market, this pair of entrepreneurs was going to create history by founding a brand that was going to make the difference. At the same time, it was also about seizing the opportunity that can be best to be described in a single statement: strike while the iron is hot. Recognizing the potential and value of memory market, they were about to embark on an epic journey of a creating strong brand.

In 2002, Strontium was the result of such brainstorming session. Growing from strength to strength, Strontium began to build itself with one step at a time as its founders have been well-versed with the business world. As the founders would love to call it, it was all about taking a brick at a time. After years of consolidation and expansion, Strontium is proud of having its products to be sold in the regions such as Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, America, Oceania and others while still being based in Philippines. Eventually, Strontium makes its mark as one of the leading brands in the memory market as it produces and sells more than 12 million memory and flash products every month. At the same time, Strontium actively involves itself with strategic partnerships with strong players such as Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology, Hynix Semiconductor and Toshiba Corporation. From such collaborations, Strontium is able to utilizes their integrated circuits and other technologies in its own products. This arrangement proves to be the blessing as it gives Strontium the abilityto provide an amazing array of memoryandflashproducts at affordable rates.

Strontium Philippines - Harnessing The Power Of Information

From households to corporate offices, you can find Strontium products being used everywhere. They are the testament to the popularity of Strontium products. The combination of shrewd management and passionate designers has been the driving force behind its successes. Consistently reaching new heights, Strontium continues to be recognized by people that come from diverse fields. In 2003, Strontium has the honor of being chose to be in Philippines Top 1000. From 2004to 2009 consecutively, Strontium was listed in the Philippines International Top 100. Strontium went further by being listed in Philippines Top 50 in 2010. Subsequently, Strontium was proud to announce that its Strontium DDR3 memory won SME CHANNELS ACHIEVERS AWARDS 2010-2011. Such achievement showed to the world that Strontium is able to stand on the same level with other established giants in memory market.

Despite being a new player in the industry, Strontium steadily gains new ground in the market as its products are simply amazing. In fact, its products always punch above their weights as they perform beyond your expectations. Another reason behind its popularity is that people often find that they are getting more value for money. The affordability of its products should not fool you into thinking that its products are subpar. As such, Strontium products really deserve praises for being able to deliver your data efficiently. Therefore, it is not surprising to say that Strontium is leading at forefront of memory market as its products are simply exemplary.

Amazing Strontium Philippines Products - Transforming Your Digital Experience

Strontium Solid State Drives (SSD)
Considered to be the ultimate storage solution, Strontium Solid State Drives (SSD) have been designed to meet the requirements of providing high performance, being reliable, small form factor and consuming less power. Since they are flash-based drives, this means that they are even more durable and reliable at the same time. When it comes to storing and accessing data, this proves to be ideal quality of being your trusted storage solution. In addition, Strontium also crafts its SSD in a rugged yet lightweight construction. Amazingly, Strontium SSDs also enjoy lower power consumption which proves to be essential as they can help you to save a lot of power. In other words, they will drain less power from the computer. This definitely helps a lot in helping in maximizing the performance of your computer.
Strontium HAWK Solid State Drives (SSD)
Outfitted with19nm Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash,Strontium HAWK Solid State Drives is definitely engineered for precision and ultra fast performance. This Strontium product is suitable for desktops, laptops, notebooks and even ultrabooks. Taking your computer system into the next level, theStrontium HAWK Solid State Drives are essential component for you to build powerful computers.
Strontium Memory Modules
Offering amazing performance that will suit your work and lifestyle, the Strontium memory modules embody the essential values of being innovative and intelligent at the same time. Not just that,Strontium memory modules have been said to be preferred by lots of people because they will never let you down.
Strontium DDR31600MHz SODIMM EVM Memory Modules
Despite giving promising performance, Strontium DDR31600 MHz SODIMM EVM memory modules are surprisingly affordable. Whether you want to browse, playing games or multitasking, this Strontium memory modules will enhance the performance of the computer system so that your experience will be smooth and slick at the same time. In other words,
Strontium Wireless Readers
Basically, Strontium wireless readers are able to provide a secured and stable connection between any storage media and electronic devices. This proves to be convenient as its wireless connection also means that you do not have bring or plug cables in order to get the connection.
Strontium Mobile WiFi Cloud
This Strontium product is one of the most amazing technological marvels as it enables you to stream media to other electronic devices such as smartphone, tablet and others from portable and external storage media through a secured and stable wireless connection. In order to protect your precious data, you can add password to protect this wireless connection. Most amazingly, Strontium Mobile WiFi Cloud allows you to connect up to 5 different devices for sharing various digital media at the same time. Interestingly, it can actually double as portable charger for other electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Embrace The Future Of Exciting & Reliable Technology With Strontium Philippines

Boasting an amazing array of exceptional storage products, Strontium has been active in the business of delivering the ultimate storage solutions to cater to your needs. For more great Strontium products, you should take a look at Strontium external storage.