Providing a full range of memory and flash products, Strontium is your trusted brand in making your life to be as convenient as possible. Read more about Strontium Philippines External Storage here.


StrontiumPhilippinesExternalStorage - Your Solution To Everyday Problem

Proudly offering a full range of memory and flash products to the world, Strontium is your answer to everyday problem. As the digital world grows to be bigger than ever, our appetite for information continues to grow as well. Previously, we only need memory and flash products in storing our precious data as backup only. Nowadays, they have even became our primary medium for storage as their storage capacity are getting bigger that you do not worry that your data will be too big for them to handle.

At the same time, their increasingly smaller designs make them primary candidates for you to transfer data to other devices effortlessly. Despite tons of these incredible products in the market, only few such as Strontium makes the mark when it comes to making premium quality memory and flash products that are being sold at affordable rates. Not only that, you will discover that Strontium deserves reputation of its own as its products are robust and last longer than usual.

About StrontiumPhilippinesExternalStorage

Established by Vivian Singh and Anshuman Gupta in 2002, Strontium has been growing from strength to strength since then. Based in Singapore, Strontium stands as one of the leading memory manufacturing companies that produces and sells more than 12 million memory and flash products every month. In addition, Strontium is by no means an unknown player in this market as it actively works together with Samsung Electronics, Micron Technology, Hynix Semiconductor and Toshiba Corporation as Strontium utilizes their integrated circuits and other technologies in its own products. Such cooperation has enabled Strontium to be able to provide an amazing array of memoryandflashproducts at affordable rates.

Popular StrontiumPhilippinesExternalStorage Products

Strontium Memory Cards
As Strontium memory cards show, being smaller does not mean that you have to compromise on performance and power. Small and portable, they fit well with your camera, smartphones, consoles and even your laptops.
Strontium Nitro microSDHC/SDXC UHS-1
This Strontium memory card series has been crafted exclusively to store vast amount of data. Through its own UHS-I technology, it is able to deliver data more efficiently than ever by maximizing its output.
Strontium Flash Drives
Designed to be simple to use as they are your best choice for easy storage and sharing, Strontium flash drives make your life to be as convenient as possible. In addition, they perform well beyond your expectations as they are optimized in keeping your data safe and secured as well as allowing your data to be transferred in no time.
Strontium Pollex USB Flash Drives
They are easily the most popular of all Strontium USB flash drives because they are lightweight and compact for you to bring them around. Moreover, they are outfitted with latest COB (Chip on Board) USB flash module that enables them to deliver your data in quick and reliable manner.

StrontiumPhilippinesExternalStorage - ThePower Of Information Within Your Fingertips

Presenting you a full range of reliable products, Strontium is your trusted brand when it comes to storing and sharing your precious data within your fingertips. Life has never been this more convenient with Strontium products as the best solution to your everyday problems.

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