Get in the vibe of the surf culture with Stussy Jackets in the Philippines. Check out the brand’s selection of jackets below and learn more about it here.


Top Stussy Jackets Philippines Price List 2020

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Stussy Jackets in the Philippines: Capturing the spirit of streetwear

Stussy began in the 1980s which initially was inspired by Californian surfwear fashion but has since become a general streetwear brand that expanded into a global brand. The iconic Stussy logo originally started from owner Shawn scrawling his surname with a marker on his surfboards. Currently, the logo can be found inscribed on a range of men’s and women’s clothing such as Stussy jackets in Philippines as well as accessories.

A brand popular with celebrities

The brand has gained popularity with many of your favourite hip-hop artists such as Drake, Fredo Santana, Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky and so much more. Celebrities love Stussy’s aesthetic as it has turned to the emerging hip-hop trends while incorporating street-wear designs. There are various factors that have made this brand achieve success not only with celebrities but globally. Firstly, it is the consistency of staying true to the brand and never following other flashy trends. Secondly, Stussy was willing to take the risk of entirely ignoring marketing and only relying on word-of-mouth through the influence and recognition of its fans. Lastly, the brand has always kept tight control over the distribution and availability. Till today, exclusive releases of their products are only available at Stussy boutiques.

The various lengths of Stussy Jackets in the Philippines

Short Jackets

The shortest length of Stussy Jackets in the Philippines is measured at 57cm and is in the style of a vest. The vest jackets featured are mostly round collared, single-breasted, double face with multiple pockets. These vest come in dark tones such as dark blue and black.

Mid-length Jackets

People gravitate more towards the mid-length jackets because these are the most commonly worn type of jackets. The mid-length Stussy Jackets in Philippines measures from 60cm to 70cm and all have full-length sleeves. Choose from snap-button, pocket with zipper or pouch pocket details on the jackets. Multiple colours with various patterns such as embroidered logo or tartan adorn these mid-length jackets.

Long Jackets

The length of these jackets goes from 80cm to over 90cm and may reach up to your knee depending on your height. Track jackets and coats are some of the styles of the long jackets which come in mostly dark colours such as black and grey. Choose between fold-over and lapel collared styles.

Unleash the hypebeast in you with Stussy Jackets in the Philippines

Whether you’re heading to the beach, hitting the streets or dancing to your favourite beat, you can do it all with stylish Stussy jackets in the Philippines. Freshen up your wardrobe with the most popular Stussy jackets in the Philippines are the Stussy Intl Coach Jacket, Stussy Two Tone Wool Varsity and Stussy Flight Satin Bomber Jacket. The jackets go well with other Stussy apparel such as T-Shirts, Hats, Shirts, Tops, and Shorts.