Whether you choose to wear hats for style or to shade yourself from the harsh UV rays you can get the best of it from Stussy Hats in the Philippines. Read on to find out more!


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Stussy Hats in the Philippines: For your lifestyle clothing needs

Stussy is best known for its signature scribbled logo that spawned the world’s first streetwear brand. Established in 1980, founder Shawn Stussy started off with creating surfboards that combined ground-breaking performance shapes with a graphic style that incorporated elements from various music genres such as reggae, punk, and new wave music. After four years, Stussy partnered with accountant Frank Sinatra Jr. on a clothing line by adapting Stussy’s name. Caps were the first in line among the many types of apparel that the brand had to offer. Until today, Stussy’s most iconic designs are a pair of linked S’s and a graphic that says “Stussy No. 4”. Check out these links below to know more about Stussy Hats in the Philippines.

Choosing the best Stussy Hats in the Philippines for your face shape

Most men tend to go for the headgear that matches their wardrobe first, followed by testing whether it rests comfortably on their head. However, it is essential when it comes to choosing the right type of hat for your face shape, thus adding a certain flair that compliments your overall look.

Oval shape

Men with an oval-shaped face can literally pull off any style of hats, but the best style of hat for this face shape would be the bucket hat. In order to shorten the appearance of the face, the low crown of the bucket hat works the best.

  • Stussy Cord Band Bucket Hat
  • Stussy Stick Logo Pique Bucket Hat
  • Stussy Classic Logo Bucket Hat
  • Stussy City Printed Bucket Hat

Round shape

This type of face shape tends to be a little trickier to pair with hats because regular hats will emphasize the cheeks, thus making your face look rounder. In order to make the face look smaller, an ideal choice would be snapbacks with flat bills as it balances out the roundedness of the face.

  • Stussy washed Nylon cap – Royal Blue
  • Stussy Melton Visor Strapback Cap
  • Stussy Shadow Font Cap
  • Stussy SS-link Cap

Square shape

A typical square-shaped face has a strong jawline with a wide forehead and wide cheekbones. To balance off the angular features of the face, choose a hat that will add curvature and soften the edges of the face. Slouchy hats such as a beanie will help soften the angular features of your face.

  • Stussy Stock Cuff Logo Beanie – Green

Making the best out of Stussy Hats in the Philippines

Hats make the easiest accessory to pair with your wardrobe. So do check out Stussy T-Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Pants, Shorts, and many more that will best match your style of hat.