“Prevention is better that cure” the age-old saying is still true today. Everyone wants to stay healthy, and much more, to remain young and fit. Sulwhasoo Philippines, the beauty-product Moghul, harnesses the healing powers of Korean Ginseng to preserve youth and heal the effects of aging and wear and tear. You too can rejuvenate with Sulwhasoo. Find out what you need here.


Pamper Yourself with these Sulwhasoo Luxury Wellness Products

Asian medicine has always been sought after by people all over the world due to its perceived supernatural healing powers. Herbal properties found in a myriad of natural resources in Asia have given rise to thousands of beauty and skin care products too. One brand that combines Eastern herbal wisdom with western health regulation standards is the Korean skincare and cosmetics company, Sulwhasoo. Using processes from Korean Herbal Medicine, Sulwhasoo perfected more than six different series of products to cater to consumers all over the world.

Sulwahsoo Ginseng

Based on the age-old principle of the Yin and Yang, Sulwhasoo focuses to bring balance to your feminine beauty. The use of natural herbal ingredients to revitalise your skin is the main objective of Sulwhasoo products. Since the discovery of Ginseng, Sulwhasoo has tapped on its medicinal values to bring rejuvenation to skin and overall beauty. Ginseng has been known to preserve youth and longevity, among other qualities.

Sulwhasoo Luxury

As a brand, this Korean cosmetics producer has risen to become a symbol of luxury in the world of beauty. Pamper your skin with only the best cosmetics in the market. Sulwhasoo is also paraben free. Made from all natural herbs through a process refined over the decades, Sulwhasoo has maintained its standard to bring you only the best quality skincare. Sulwhasoo specializes in these particular categories:

  • Moisturisers
  • Eye
  • Serum
  • Cleanser and toner
  • Sun protection
  • Mask
  • Coverage

Sulwhasoo Beauty Collections

As with any big name in the cosmetics industry, Sulwhasoo has various series of products that are specifically catered to suit different categories of consumers. Each series has different functions just as each individual has a different skin type. Here are Sulwhasoo’s best collections in beauty products:

  • Concentrated Ginseng
  • TimeTreasure
  • Essential
  • Snowise Ex
  • Hydro-aid
  • Sulwhasoo Men’s

Women are the epitome of beauty and perfect skin. That is why you’ll find that 90% of Sulwhasoo’s collections are made for women. Out of the 6 collections of Sulwhasoo products, the Men’s collection is the only one catered to men. With two products in the Men’s collection (Moisturising Fluid and Skin Refiner), we find that Sulwhasoo is more popular with the ladies.

Sulwhasoo provides guidance on how to use their products lines. Just take a look at their website and follow the links to the beauty tips to get the best advice on the correct procedure, frequency of usage and expected results of each category. Consistent and correct use of the products ensures more radiant and younger looking skin.

Sulwhasoo Best-sellers

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

Formulated from the first of the ABC creams, this product has stood the test of time. Ginseng concentrate in the cream has healing characteristics to gently soothe your skin. Using it at night will help to moisturise your skin. Using the extracts from the root and fruit of Korean Ginseng,

First Care Activating Serum

This product is best used with your favourite eye cream. Just squeeze one dose with 2 doses of eye cream. It can be used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Consistent use can help to remove dark circles and moisturise your facial skin. You can also combine it with a makeup foundation to last longer.

Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Serum

The Hydro-aid Moisturising Lifting Serum is one of the products in the Hydro-aid series. The Hydro-aid series focuses on maximum moisture for your skin. Used with a combination of 3 other Hydro-aid products (lifting cream, lifting mist, UV-protection cream), the moisturising lifting serum is capable of deep hydration. To use, simply apply to the T shape of the forehead, cheeks and chin while rubbing in a circular motion. This massaging technique will ensure the serums molecules are spread evenly over the surface of your skin.

Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum

One of the most popular of Sulwhasoo’s products, the Ginseng Serum works at two levels. At the macro level, the larger particles moisturise the skin and provide nutrients to the top layer. At the micro level, smaller particles go deep into the pores to rejuvenate from the inside. Aimed to give you smoother and toned skin, the Capsulized Ginseng Fortifying Serum is perfect for those looking for a simple solution to skin moisturisers.

Pamper Yourself with Sulwhasoo

We all know that beauty is not just about looks. Beauty comes from the inside. Sulwhasoo’s magic concoctions rejuvenate from within to give you a holistic, younger self. Pamper yourself today with the best of beauty, youth and cosmetic products with Sulwhasoo’s all-natural collection. As with any luxury item, Sulwhasoo is not easy to find. Choose only the best in the market to complement your skin. Feel young and be happy with Sulwhasoo today!