Surgitech Philippines is one of the most popular brands of medical supplies and equipment in the country. Face masks, blood glucose monitors, and nebulizer kits are some of their most sought-after products. Read on to find out more about Surgitech Philippines below.


Surgitech Philippines: Face Mask Price, Purpose, and Usage

Health crises caused by infectious diseases such as Spanish flu, H1N1, and coronavirus (Covid-19) alert people to share a plethora of preventative guidelines. These safety guidelines can be helpful and lifesaving if obtained from trained medical professionals and medical sources. Otherwise, these bits of information can end up putting people at even greater risk, especially if they are shared with tremendous passion yet little expertise.

That is why even a simple procedure such as wearing a surgical face mask can get a bit confusing. Keep reading to find out the purpose of surgical face masks, the proper ways of wearing/removing/disposing of them, and the reason why they are worn in a certain way.

How much is a Surgitech face mask?

As of April 2020, the price of Surgitech face masks Philippines ranges from ₱100 to ₱200 for a box of fifty face masks on Shopee and Lazada. Some vendors sell these face masks at higher or lower prices.

What is the purpose of a surgical face mask from Surgitech Philippines?

Surgical face masks serve a dual purpose – first, they keep you from getting infected by viruses such as the coronavirus. Second, they help prevent other people from contracting infectious diseases that you may be carrying. While Surgitech face masks are known to protect people from bacteria and viruses in liquid droplets, they are not enough to keep smaller, virus-laden airborne particles from entering your nose and mouth. Not to mention, they leave the wearer's eyes exposed.

How to wear, take off, and discard a face mask from Surgitech Philippines?

The correct way to wear a Surgitech face mask is to ensure that the colored side faces outwards, while the white side touches your face. You must also make sure that your mouth, nose, and chin are properly covered. If you are not wearing the typical face mask with ear loops such as the ones with bands, make sure to bring the mask to your nose bridge and pull the band at the back of your head.

When removing your face mask, avoid touching the front side of the mask and remove it from behind. Discard it in the trash, then wash your hands with soap and water, or sanitize them with alcohol-based hand rub.

Why Surgitech face masks are worn in a certain way?

Surgitech face masks are typically put on with the colored side facing outwards. They are worn this way since they have a three-layer design that helps hold viruses at bay. The first layer, which is colored green or blue, has a water-repellent surface, designed to ward off liquid droplets from coming into contact with you. The second one prevents particles (from coughs or sneezes) from entering or leaving your nose or mouth. Lastly, the white layer keeps moisture or respiratory fluids from leaving the mask. So, if you wear a face mask with the white side facing outwards, it can only lead to discomfort and reduced effectiveness of the mask.

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