A watch can be more than just a piece of accessory that helps you tell time; they can also be equipped with the best and latest technologies to aid you in your daily activities. Suunto watches are made with this in mind as they try to cater to busybodies who enjoy outdoor activities and more. Read all about Suunto watches available in the Philippines here.

Suunto Sports Watches

The Different Types of Suunto Watches in the Philippines You Need to Get

The Finnish watch manufacturing company may not be revered as one of the top luxury watchmakers around but they provide more than just a pretty, embellished timepiece. Targeted towards those who lead an active lifestyle, Suunto watches are made with some of the best technologies and innovations so everything you need for your outdoor activities are right there on your wrists.

Suunto Sports Watches

Suunto’s most popular watches are perhaps their sports watches. It caters to all kinds of sports activities like climbing, hiking, trekking, fishing, cycling, skiing, hunting, running, swimming, mountaineering and more. Depending on the kind of sports watch you’re looking for, these Suunto watches can be equipped with an altimeter, heart rate, barometer, storm alarm, weather pattern indicator, and a GPS among many others.

An example of a Suunto sports watch is the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist equipped with a GPS, colored touch screen, and wrist heart rate. You can also upgrade the software of the watch by connecting it to your laptop or PC. To top it all off, it has battery life up to 10 hours in training mode (40 hours in power saving mode), 100 meters’ water resistance, and is finished with steel bazel and mineral crystal glass.

Suunto Premium Watches

While the Suunto premium watches are similar to their regular sports watches, they are manufactured using exclusive technologies and innovations. The Suunto premium watches’ designs are also significantly different than the regular Suunto watches, like the Suunto Kailash Watch series. The Suunto Kailash are made specifically made for travelers and those who are always on-the-go between countries.

The Suunto Kailash watches feature space grade titanium and sapphire crystal to ensure that your Suunto watch will stand even the harshest journeys. The made-in-Finland watch can be connected to your mobile phones to help log your travel details and activities so you can stay up-to-date no matter where you are.

Suunto Diving Watches

If you prefer to dive and swim around for your preferred physical activity, Suunto watches works above ground and under the water. The Suunto diving watches are suitable for both freediving and scuba diving and features barometers, hose air integration function, nitrox, rebreather, and temperature indicators. An example would be the Suunto D6i Novo Black Zulu, a watch with a “robust” dive computer fully equipped with a digital compass and finished with a steel casing. It has 5 different interface modes, an optional wireless air integration, and gas-switching to help you monitor your tanks.

Other than these three watch categories, Suunto watches can also be customized using Suunto’s many watch accessories. They offer different types and designs of watch straps, battery and service kits, pods, compasses, and more.

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