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Top 5 Most Popular Vehicles from Suzuki Philippines

The brand we all know as a vehicle brand is much more than that. The truth is, Suzuki has, for many years, brought innovative technology to our shores. Starting in Japan, the company has become a global name in almost everything - from cars to home appliances. Here in the Philippines, Suzuki is famous for its vehicles as well as vehicle parts and much more. Let’s look at some of their most popular vehicles.

Suzuki Celerio

This is one of the smallest models in Suzuki Philippines car range, with a price point that is easy on the wallet. It has a three-cylinder engine of 1 liter each with a brake horsepower of 67 which is quite decent given its price. Although it may not be as impressive as signature models, the Celerio delivers a good performance on motorways, making it suitable for town driving.

In terms of comfort, this car will give you a ride that feels composed, thanks to its impressive shock absorbing ability that prevents unstable rides.

The Celerio is made from tough materials. While its interior isn’t as impressive as flagship cars, it is properly bolted. The plastics come with decent textures that look appealing and the doors offer a satisfying thud. All in all, the Suzuki Celerio is a spacious car with good build quality at a cheap price.

Suzuki Ertiga

If you’re in the market for a premium-looking seven-seater, the Suzuki Ertiga is a fantastic choice. It has some resemblance to the Suzuki Swift due to its swept-back style of headlights and a front façade that has an inkling of sportiness. The rest of its design language has a clean and crisp look, making the vehicle look fresh despite its van-like proportions.

The Suzuki Ertiga comes with a cozy interior that is complemented with buttons and dials that are made of premium plastic. Along with nice fabrics and well-spaced seats, this motorcycle from Suzuki Philippines offers a hotel-like ambiance.

Under its hood, the Ertiga comes with a DOHC (Double OverHead Cam) engine of 1.4 liter that delivers an impressive performance. It offers a good throttle response and a fuel efficiency of around 11 Km/L on average.

Suzuki Raider 150

This motorcycle is one of the most popular models by Suzuki due to its affordable price point and reliable, efficient performance. While its design resembles its predecessors, it has gaudy decals that give it a distinct look. Another thing that sets it apart from other Suzuki motorcycles is its headlight design that looks badass. The same goes to its muffler that looks more aggressive-looking.

In terms of comfort, the Suzuki Raider 150 has a well-cushioned seat, ensuring rider’s comfort. Whether it’s a short or long ride, it will handle the demand with ease.

The Suzuki Raider 150’s engine performance is where it truly shines. It is equipped with a DOHC engine of 147.3cc that is slick and responsive. On top of that, it comes with a fuel injection that is powerful, allowing the motorcycle to handle uphill climbs with ease. Despite, its slim body, the Suzuki Raider 150 carries its powerful engine extremely well, enabling you to perform a seamless ride similar to other popular sports bikes.

Suzuki Gixxer

The Suzuki Gixxer is a sports commuter bike that is designed for touring and commuting. It’s one of the most handsome Suzuki motorcycles due to its sharp front façade and massive-looking 17-inch rear tires. Its short exhaust and exhaust pipes give it a sporty demeanor. All in all, the Gixxer’s design looks badass and will surely turn heads.

When it comes to internals, the Suzuki Gixxers has a single cylinder engine of 155cc that can produce around 15 PS and 14 Nm. With that, it’s one of the most sophisticated and responsive engines in the 150cc range. You can expect the Gixxer to provide decent throttle response and mileage of 40-50 Km in town roads and highways.

Suzuki Alto

While this model has been in the market for some time, it remains as one of the best-selling Suzuki cars in the Philippines. It has always appealed to budget-conscious consumers and is tailored to the city streets.

The interior of the Suzuki Alto is mostly comprised of plastic which explains its affordable price. But the plastic is quite sturdy and offers a premium feel similar to more expensive models.

In the engine department, the Alto is equipped with a three-cylinder engine of 1.0 liter that produces a satisfactory brake horsepower of 67. It is light, simple, and small and has a CO2 emission of around 100g/km.

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