Starting the first year of school is an intimidating experience for many children, so it is important to prep them with the necessary essentials only with Swan Philippines. Click here to read more on how to properly pack a bag for your child.

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Everything you need to know about packing back-to-school supplies with Swan Philippines

Every parent wants the best for their children and a good way to show them that you care for them is to help them pack for their first day of school. Packing may seem like a daunting tasks, but it does not have to be a long or frustrating process. A typical backpack will consist of school supplies and other personal items. Swan Philippinesoffers a variety of products such as bags, school uniforms, school shoes, stationary and many more. Whether if they're primary or high-schoolers, every kid needs a variety of back-to-school supplies so that they are able to start the school year off right. Read on to learn how to do so.

Choose a backpack

Before you choose a backpack for your child, do check with the school rules in order to know what types of bags are allowed and what types are not allowed. Swan offers various styles of backpacks such as casual backpacks, trolley bags, and tote bags. Many schools prohibit rolling bags as they can be a tripping hazard especially in a crowded school hallway. Nonetheless, it can take stress of your child’s back. There are several shapes and sizes of bags to choose from Swan Philippines.

If you choose to purchase the bag online, do read about the details provided. You should check for the material, padding, size, and the straps. Generally, bags that are made with synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are a good choice because they are rather water-resistant. It is advisable to choose bags with zippers instead of Velcro. This is because; the Velcro will wear out quickly overtime. On the other hand, do check if the backpacks have reflectors as it can be especially useful if your child walks back from school in the evening.

Another important aspect is the size of the bag as it should not look too large. A large backpack may strain your child’s shoulders or neck. Thus, choose a backpack that stays around the torso area. Also, do ensure that the backpack has enough space for the school supplies. Do think about the amount of items you would be putting into your child’s bags. Zippered and padded compartments are ideal for smaller items such as pencils, notebooks and so on.

Packing for school supplies

Prep all the essential school supplies before placing it in the bag. To make the process easier, prepare a checklist for the items. Make sure that the items are purchased before the packing process begins. It is also advisable to set all the items neatly so that you would not miss out any school supply. Organizing the school supplies will always make the packing process simpler. You may group them according to the items that are same or similar. For example, you can place books with books, pens with pens, notebook and notebook and so on. Swan Philippines has a variety of stationery such as colour pencils, pens, markers and others. The smaller supplies should go in a pencil case so that your child does not have to dig through the bag to look for their items. Furthermore, they will not lose their stationary so easily too.

Start the packing process, with bigger items such as textbooks as they are heaviest and most important items which typically takes up the most room in the backpack. The heavier books should be placed right at the back of the bag so that it would be easier to carry. Larger items go in first to avoid crushing smaller items. The lighter items such as paperwork, folders, and binders can be placed in the front. Put important paperwork in a folder so that it would not be so easily misplaced. Do insert your name, phone number, and address on an index card in case of emergencies.

Other necessities

Pack any necessary medication as your child will be spending long hours in school. If they are asthmatic, do remember to pack an inhaler. Do pack any other medication such as for Panadol for fevers or headaches. It is important for children to drink at least a litre of water every day. Therefore, do prepare a water bottle for them. Certain schools may have water fountains, but it is always better to have water available throughout the day. Ensure that the bottle is leak-proof to prevent any spills that might get onto the books and school-supplies. You may also pack light snacks such as a fruit or granola bar to keep your child’s hunger at bay so that they are able to focus during classes.