In this day and age, a watch is not just a time measuring piece. It is a fashionable piece of accessory that speaks of a person’s style, personality as well as class, it also provides other cool capabilities. Watches from Tag Heuer are all that and more with its high quality craftsmanship, cool design, and high durability. Click here to learn more about Tag Heuer’s watches.


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Top TAG Heuer Watches Philippines Price List 2019

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TAG Heuer Lady Aquaracer Way1413

Available in Harvey Nichols ₱ 60,975.87 Go to Shop

Tag Heuer Watches Philippines: Combining Luxury with Functionality

Tag Heuer Watches Philippines: Accurate and Stylish

Born in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, the brand started out as a manufacturer for pocket watches before moving on to the wrist watches that we see today. Tag Heuer is known as one of the world’s most prestigious and most reliable sports watch brand due to its high level of accuracy, quality workmanship, and stylish designs. Its high accuracy makes the brand well-known in the sports industry as it has provided official timing services for major sporting events like the Olympic Games and the Formula 1 World Championship.

A brand that has established itself as one of the big boys in the timekeeping industry, Tag Heuer uses big names in both the entertainment and sports industry to endorse their products. Among their most notable ambassadors are Leonard DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Lin, Brad Pitt, and Maria Sharapova.

Tag Heuer Watches Philippines: Timely Innovation

Having invested years into the art of watchmaking, Tag Heuer has designed several lines of watches that specifically caters to the needs of sportsman. Below is the list of Tag Heuer watch lines:

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watches
Sports watches for people who immerse themselves in the aquatic world
Tag Heuer Carrera Watches
Contemporary designed watches that were inspired by motor racing
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watches
Casual sports watches that were inspired by Formula 1
Tag Heuer Monaco Watches
Designed after the square watch that was worn by Steve McQueen
Tag Heuer Connected Watches
A combination of timepiece with technology for a watch that is more than just a watch

If you are interested in a Tag Heuer watch, look below for the list of Tag Heuer watches that we love:

Tag Heuer SAR8A80.FT6045 Connected Watch
It's a combination of classic watch measuring design and Android Wear with changeable display options for your own customized theme. It can be connected to apps from Google Play store.
Tag Heuer WAR101B.FC6367 Carrera Watch - Cara Delevingne Special Edition
A watch for women - Black with rose gold accents with diamond studded bezel for an eye catching design and date window at 3 o’clock.
Tag Heuer CAZ1113.FC8189 Formula 1 Chronograph Watch - Ronaldo Special Edition
A watch for men - Sporty look with green on black colour scheme with 3 chronograph counters
Tag Heuer Monaco V4
First watch in the world that is driven by belts, modern sporty design that is great for any occasion and available in 3 colours: Phantom Haute Horlogerie (all black), Titanium, Rose Gold

Tag Heuer Watches Philippines: Where Time Never Stops

Tag Heuer is a brand that has built its name in the competitive Swiss watchmaking industry to become one of the best in the world with its high levels of precision and performance. Look your best with one of their watches that can be worn all day, every day. So scroll up and browse through our wide array. If Tag Heuer’s watches are not to your liking, then look at the other Watches that we have to offer.