Tamiya – the ultimate craze in the Philippines is back with awesome cars, trucks, airplanes, and tanks to build. Tamiya can now be found in Malaysia via online shopping. Simply browse the selection of Tamiya products below or find out more here.


Tamiya Models You Must Collect Today

One might assume that Tamiya products – especially its plastic model kits – will be hard to build since they are high-quality models that may need proper attention and skill. However, Tamiya products are also popular because they are so simple that you can easily build them by just following the instruction manuals.

Tamiya provides clear instruction manuals that are easy for you to understand and build your model in just several simple steps. When you look at all models, you will realize that Tamiya is in the business of making sure that there is consistency when it comes to building the models. In other words, you can pick up the basic skill of building its products and assembling its models.

Why You Need Tamiya Models

As Tamiya believes in its dedication to building products that contribute to the hobby, it purposefully offers many exciting products that promise such fun and adventure. If you are a military enthusiast, you will love how Tamiya is exceptionally gifted with making splendid details of its products so that you can build an accurate diorama that represents the echoes of wars. Not only that, fans of RC cars will enjoy the power and performance of Tamiya RC cars as they roam while overcoming any barrier and obstacle.

All that talk of Tamiya’s achievements makes you want to grab one and start building, doesn’t it? Well before you get going, let’s look at what models are in store for us today. The beauty of Tamiya is that the company makes toys and collectibles for all ages, genders, and preferences. Whether you’re in your 40’s or just a child, Tamiya has got something to excite you.

Tamiya R/C models

Probably the most commonly sold all around the world, Tamiya R/C models (Remote-Control models) feature interesting kits to assemble. Each unique to its own series, R/C models consist of 1/10 scale till 1/35 scale kits. Some models in this series include:

  • Touring cars
  • Formula cars
  • Glow-Engine cars
  • Buggies & Pick-Up trucks
  • Tanks & Sailing series

Tamiya Scale Models

If remote-controlled models are not your forte, let Scale Models titillate your excitement. Generally, Scale Models don’t have many functions in terms of movement. Don’t be fooled though, these bad boys make sweet décor for any home, office or showroom. Here are just some scale models:

  • Sports cars
  • Grand Prix collection
  • Motorcycles
  • Tanks
  • Advanced Minitanks
  • Aircraft
  • War Bird collection
  • World Figures
  • Torpedo boats
  • Combat Planes
  • Space Shuttle

Tamiya for kids

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the younglings. Kids love toys and collectibles. We literally see the passion and enthusiasm when a child gets his or her hands dirty assembling Tamiya models. Some models in the series for kids are:

  • Mini 4WD REV
  • Aero Mini 4WD
  • Mighty Mini 4WD
  • Dangun Racers
  • Motors & Gearboxes

Tamiya Tools

So you have an idea of which series to look at? Now it’s time to build and customize! As fun as it is, having the right tools is quintessential to any Tamiya model assembling. Each part is catered to a specific tool. Using original Tamiya tools also ensures an environment free of hazards. Here are some Tamiya tools for you to get going:

  • Craft Tools (cutting/painting/others)
  • Cement & Putties
  • Finishing materials
  • Airbrush systems
  • Acrylic paint
  • Enamel paint
  • Tamiya Color for aircraft
  • Mini 4WD spray paints

The list goes on. Once you’ve got your tools, go ahead and unleash the creative genius in you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you’ve missed Tamiya modelling.

Tamiya models in Philippines for any occasion

Have you ever wondered what to give as a birthday present for that special someone? How about getting them a Tamiya kit? Tamiya models make excellent gifts to present to friends, relatives, children or just random people you might want to bless. Tamiya series cater to all people in Philippines. Here are some reasons and occasions you might purchase a Tamiya model:

  • As a replica of your real car
  • To remember your childhood building Tamiya cars
  • To race/compete with other Tamiya aficionados
  • To display in your home, office or show-area or as a symbol of status
  • To incite creativity
  • As a hobby (Tamiya models make great mid-life crisis hobbies)

Whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong with Tamiya models. Just remember to read the instructions, keep all moving parts carefully (and away from toddlers), and use genuine Tamiya accessories to customize your Tamiya models. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire collection to showcase.

So how do you get these wonderful machines? It’s so simple! Just get online to find a huge selection of Tamiya models. Choose from Tamiya kids & toys page to find hundreds of awesome models for you to put together. Also, check out Tamiya clothing for different products under Tamiya brand. So what are you waiting for? Shop online for Tamiya in Philippines today! Happy shopping!