As one of the largest optical instrument manufacturers in the world, Tamron designs premium optical instruments that are reliable and robust at the same time. Read more about Tamron here.

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Tamron Philippines- New Eyes For Industry

Primed For Perfection, Tamron is one of global leaders in manufacturing and marketing premium optical instruments that cater for a variety of different industries. Not contented with just its prowess in developing and expanding the field of optics, Tamron also takes the opportunity in adapting them to contribute to both social and environmental causes. Behind its success and popularity is the genuine creativity that is consistently displayed by Tamron in designing and manufacturing its products. Such creativity is often being credited to superior technical excellence that Tamron proudly boasts and it is this reason that enables Tamron products to be described as being "warmth and humanity personified". In other words, Tamron products are crafted exclusively to stimulate your sensibilities in a rapidly growing field of visual communication.

Even in this industry of optical lenses, Tamron offers much more than just products as it presents you with something that is still lacking these days: originality. In simpler term, you will find that Tamron products to be unlike any other in the current market when it comes to genuine innovation that can enhance your experience. This basic thing actually matters when you require a product that actually works while helping you to achieve your goals of getting better pictures at the same time. Needless to say, Tamron is the brand that you should be looking for!

History Of Tamron Philippines

On 1st November 1950, Takeyuki Arai founded Taisei Optical Manufacturing Company in Urawa city (present-day Saitama city). After two years, the company was established as Taisei Kogaku Kgyo Co with the start-up capital of 2.5 million yen. In 1957, it introduces world’s first interchangeable lens system for SLR cameras (T-mount) and high performance 135mm F/4.5 lens that proved to be very revolutionary at the that time. It was not until 1959 that Tamron was being registered as trademark. In that same year, a head office and main manufacturing plant were established in Hasunuma, Omiya-city. Did you know that Tamron name was actually taken from the name of Mr. Uhyoue Tamura, a well-recognized optical engineer who built the cornerstone of successful Tamron products.

Throughout the 1960s, the company steadily grew as it oversaw the production of world's first affordable telephoto zoom lens and Adapt-A-Matic interchange lens line with automatic aperture control. At the same time, there was also the production of lens testing platforms as well as ultra-precision lenses and prisms. The development of these products eventually paved the way for future successes of Tamron products. In the next decade, Taisei Optical changed its name to Tamron in 1970. Such change reflected the necessity in building company name and brand recognition as it would be easier and better for customers to be able to associate Tamron and its products together.

Starting from the year 1976, Tamron continued to offer greater amount of various lenses that now featured its proprietary Adaptall system which was more convenient and easier to use. This amazing Adaptall system actually came with “quick focus” mechanism and macro options. At the same year, Tamron expanded by getting distributors in both US and UK. This enabled more people to recognize the growing potential of Tamron products as they were being increasingly available. Most importantly, people now could have access in getting Tamron products.

In a period that was known affectionately by Tamron as the "Magic Decade", the late 1979 to 1989 represented the exponential growth of Tamron as it continued to aspire to establish its presence as the makers of premium optical instruments. Later, Tamron would refine such mounting in the form of Adaptall-2 mount which was then regarded as simply brilliant and revolutionary for being reliable. At the same time, Tamron began to introduce the SP (Super Performance) line of products which featured high performance lenses that contained high design specifications. The introduction of such incredible products had been greeted with much enthusiasm by professional photographers as they were both robust and reliable. Not just that, Tamron had released over two dozen updated or redesigned lenses in order to preparing them for the modern needs as the technology progressed.

As of now, Tamron boasts an arsenal of optical instruments that are available for different industries. Critics and consumers alike agree that Tamron products have exceeded their expectations as they perform really well.

Your Simple Secret To Better Pictures


Just like its visionary founder, Takeyuki Arai, has intended, Tamron is all about being original as this is the single trait that marks Tamron to be entirely different than other competitors in the market. In order to achieve this originality, Tamron believes in the simple spirit of innovation that proves to be instrumental in its strong R&D oriented in developing its products. As a result, you find your experience in taking pictures to be very unique as Tamron products are distinct in answering every need of a photographer in a proper yet simple optical instrument.


If there is a great quality that marks Tamron products to be superior than others, it is always about being reliable. Reliability is one of important aspects that photographers have been emphasizing whenever possible because you just simply need lenses that always work well all the time. As such, Tamron products have never been the ones that will disappoint you as many Tamron users can testify.

Top Tamron Philippines Products That Can Transform Your Life

All-In-One Zoom

If you are looking for the ultimate flexibility in shooting, these Tamron All-In-One zoom lenses enable you to be more carefree as you can use these lenses in your shooting instead of carrying various individual lenses that can be taxing when moving around to shoot. Not only are you able to be flexible, but also being versatile when it comes to shooting various subjects.

Tamaron Prime Lenses

When searching for suitable tool that does it jobs very well, take a look at Tamaron prime lenses. Offering superior optical performances, these Tamaron prime lenses also offer unparalleled close-focusing capability that is integrated with the useful VC image stabilization.

Taking The Perfect Moment With Tamron Philippines

While you can enjoy using Tamaron products that are both robust and reliable in getting your desired pictures, do not forget that Tamaron products are popular because all of them still evoke the warmth of humanity that is still stimulates and touches your senses. Thanks to such warmth, they enables you to be fully inspired when taking the perfect moment consistently with such precision.