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In our increasingly busier lives, keeping fit has never been more important. While we are running around to run errands, working and other seemingly strenuous activities, do not make the same mistake of associating them with physical fitness and workout. Yes, we may sweat and get tired from these activities but they do not really contribute to our health. That is why we must focus on maintaining your workout habit while pursuing your own goals, ambitions and passions. In order to do that, you definitely require the power of iron discipline in doing all of these. Even so, you are still not sure whether you are actually doing the good job of keeping fit. Hence, Tanita is your dedicated life companion that can save your day and even your lives as it offers the best way in monitoring your health.

For more than 70 years, Tanita has been empowering lives of many people that come from all walks of life. Based in Tokyo, Tanita offers highly innovative solutions that help countless lives in leading their healthy lifestyles when it comes to monitoring their health. Not just that, even health professionals such as doctors, health and fitness experts and others cited their preferences for Tanita products as they help them in their line of work. Unsurprisingly, people love Tanita products as they are truly unique. Ever expanding, Tanita boasts five sister companies that enable it to keep in touch with strategic markets around the world.

History of Tanita Philippines In Changing Lives

Since 1944, Tanita has been regarded as one of the global leaders in the world of precision electronic scale. For most of its history, it is all about manufacturing precision scales that specifically target medical and health sectors. After its establishment in 1944 in Tokyo, Tanita eventually took the opportunity in entering manufacturing partnerships with major players that were involved in both export and import markets during the 1950s. In 1965, Tanita began to introduce kitchen scales as one of its growing lists of products. Seven years later, Tanita moved its manufacturing to a larger off-site facility as part of its expansion program. In the following year, Tanita introduced this revolutionary concept of linking scales to health and started to organize its own product development teams in order to bring it to fruition. Until now, no one really considered its application in medical and health field. As it turned out, it proved to be one big game changer for Tanita as it eventually enabled Tanita to capture a large market segment of its own since none except Tanita has really considered such creative application.

The year 1978 saw the introduction of the world's first digital bathroom scale that employed capacitance weighing technology. Amazingly, it allowed Tanita to achieve production of 10 bathroom scales and this showed that its innovation has been greeted with much enthusiasm. Tanita's own brand of unique innovation did not just stop there as it subsequently released its world's first solar bathroom scale in 1986 and world's first digital mini scale in 1987. From 1988 onwards, Tanita embarked on its own great campaign of expansion as it founded more offices in India, China, Hong Kong, Europe and United States. In 1992, Tanita managed to unveil its body fat monitor/scale which proved to be one of its amazing successes. Fully convicted of its own purpose, Tanita looks forward in bringing technology and innovation to give the opportunity to people to know their health more intimately than ever before.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind With Tanita Philippines

True Technology Innovator

Having carved its own path in merging scales with its application in health, Tanita is a true pioneer of creating better tools that can help people to keep track with their health while monitoring their progress at the same time. Aside from introducing better solution that can monitor accurately as well as giving you more helpful information about your body, Tanita also plays the role of making sure that such amazing technology to be more accessible to both professionals and consumers alike.

Promoting Healthier Lives

From the beginning to the end, Tanita is totally committed in ensuring people to be able to keep track with their health. While it is essential in keeping track with your physical fitness and its progress, Tanita also makes it possible for doctors and patients to detect certain early signs of diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and other deadly diseases. Remember, prevention is always better than cure and Tanita is the champion of such rule in helping untold numbers of lives in preventing these diseases as they take effective early measures in dealing with them.

Tanita Philippines Provides Best Tools In Keeping Fit

Tanita Bathroom Scale

Given the fact that there is a lot of bathroom scales in the market, none actually come as far as Tanita when it comes to bathroom scale that can make the real difference in helping you to keep fit. Employing the Bioelectrical Impedance Technology, Tanita bathroom scales can monitor your entire body. This means that you get to see more than just your regular weight: body fat, muscle mass, total body water and more. The best thing is that they have been tested to be very accurate as they deliver the latest information about your body.

Tanita Body Composition Monitor

Designed to be compact and easy to use, Tanita body composition monitor simply gives you the better way of knowing your own body. Whether you are health expert or enthusiast, such extensive insight on body fat, mass muscle, total body water and others should be very valuable in understanding the condition of the human body. With these incredible information, you can plan and organize your ultimate fitness plan in strengthening your body for better performance!

Get Your Game On With Tanita Philippines - Real Success In Getting Healthier Lifestyle

The real success in life comes not from wealth, but from the health itself. Emphasizing accuracy, durability and reliability, Tanita products prove to be wonderful in doing the things that they are built to do: monitoring your very own health. For the latest Tanita products, you can always look at Tanita home & living.

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