Thanks to such long history of experience in making solid solutions in the form of electronics, TDK is the undisputed master in making awesome products that include its popular audio products. Read more about TDK Philippines here.


TDK Philippines – Providing Incredible Solution To The World

From being the world's first company that produces ferrite commercially to the one of the established brands that possesses a vast array of electronic products, TDK has been known to be an amazing multinational electronics company that promotes innovation and creativity at the same time. Even so, TDK is passionate to be a part of the community that remains connected with you as well as providing incredible solution to the world.

A Brief History Of TDK In Channeling Its Creativity

Boasting such a long history of pioneering innovations, TDK was founded as early as 1935 in Tamura-cho, Shiba-ku, Tokyo. Initially, it was established just for commercial production of ferrite cores. In the next two decades, TDK expanded its production of ferrite cores and ceramic capacitors in several areas. In 1959, TDK finally opened its first overseas office in Los Angeles and it was the sign that TDK would be extending its reach in other markets.

The year 1979 proved to be a monumental year as TDK moved its headquarters to 1-13-1, Chuo Ku, Tokyo. At the same time, TDK introduced its VHS Format "Super Avilyn Video Cassettes" which proved to be very popular among its customers. The following year also saw TDK in releasing magnetic heads that used amorphous material. Such release has certainly elevated growth of its products. Believing in its own need to consolidating its technology, TPK began to acquire other noted companies that boast unique proprietary technology in order to bolster its own products.

In 2004, TDK was the first recording media maker that joined the Blu-ray Disc Founders. It was decision that was made with much confidence as TDK has the foresight to see that Blu-ray would be the next generation digital optical disc data storage format that could change everything. Needless to say, TDK definitely made the right choice in ensuring the ascension of Blue-ray discs in the modern world. Well-known for its ability to determine future innovations ahead, TDK Philippines is definitely one brand that you should not overlook in terms of its ability in influencing the market.

Just Feels Right In Every Situation

An Eye For Innovation

From its starting point in being involved with the commercial production of ferrite, TDK has grown into multinational electronics company with vast holdings around the world. If there is something that you should know about TDK, it possesses the thirst and hunger for innovations so that TDK can build and design a better product for its customers. Boasting strong emphasis on research and development, TDK propels its efforts in order to deal with future needs.

Moreover, TDK continues to grow like never before with its own unique products that prove to be highly innovative in delivering its performance. Such predilection for innovation is hardly surprising as TDK makes it a point in creating new values. As such, an eye for innovation is what makes TDK to be superior in creating products that give unique solutions to special problems.

Protecting The Environment With The Right Products

Despite producing amazing products that perform well, it is even surprising to discover that TDK designs its products to be friendly to the environment. As TDK takes the lead in the industry by reducing the environmental burden of its products, it goes even further by identifying its products that are able to conserve the environment effectively. In other words, TDK actually categorizes the ones that are specifically able in reducing the environmental burden more effectively into Super Eco Love category. These amazing products are usually outfitted with highest level of technology that offer form and function that are better suited to support the environment.

Even then, all TDK products usually boast lower environmental burden. This is because all of them are being developed in line with its policy to create a more sustainable environment. Not just that, TDK is also developing them in such a way that will not impede their performances as well. As a result, you will be getting incredible TDK products that are not just being friendly to the environment, but also offer powerful performances as well.

Top TDK Products That Transform Lives

Boasting tons of incredible products that make the real difference in the lives of its customers, TDK is proud in creating products that are truly beneficial to them. Not only that, all TDK products have been designed with emphasis on ergonomics, energy efficiency and environment.

TDK Audio Headphones
Thanks to its expertise with ferrite core technology, TDK is able to push the limits of its audio devices so that they can offer such tantalizing audio experience. Lo and behold, TDK audio headphones are optimized to give you the opportunity of indulging in full audio experience.

TDK WR780G Bluetooth Headset

This TDK headset is crafted exclusively so that you can wear it with comfort. Most importantly, it boasts authentic sound quality that puts other models to shame. Moreover, this superior audio performance makes it a truly pleasing experience in enjoying your movie, game, video and others. In addition, the TDK headset that emphasizes good ergonomics that allow you to listen to your music with great level of comfort. Additionally, it is also relative compact in a way that makes it easier for you to bring it around.

TDK Flash Drives
It has never been this easy in taking TDK flash drive in storing and securing your data effortlessly. This means that TDK flash drives are such reliable companions that you should get in your work, hobby and life. At the same time, TDK flash drive has been proven to be very exceptional when it comes to sharing your data to others in no time.

TDK Dino Flash Drive

This beautifully crafted compact device is able to make sure that your data is safe and secured. Not just that, TDK Dino Flash Drive offers smooth performance when delivering and sharing data with others. Incredibly, it also provides speedy delivery so that you do not have to waste time for it. As it proves to be handy, TDK Dino Flash Drive is your faithful companion that stores and shares your date in more effective and quicker manner.

TDK Speakers
Similarly to its audio headphones, TDK also excels in designing superior speakers that offer amazing audio experience.

TDK Life On Record TREK Max Weather Resistant Wireless Speaker

Basically, this TDK splashproof indoor/outdoor speaker proves to be wonderful device that you know that it is going to worth every penny. Clearly crafted for both indoor and outdoor experience, TDK Life On Record boasts water-resistant body that prevents water and dust from damaging its internal components. Utilizing the Signature Sound technology, it offers such stunning audio quality that is totally authentic as it simply lacks distortion or other effect that may lower its quality. Owing to its onboard Bluetooth, you will be able to stream audio from smartphones and other smart devices.

Outfitted with two front full-range drivers and only one subwoofer, these armaments enable TDK Life On Record TREK Max to enjoy its accurate reproduction of audio in every frequency range. Simply rugged and tough, it carries IP64 rating which legitimizes its claim as an incredible speaker that ignores other naysayers that doubt its clam. Containing a rechargeable battery, it enables TDK Life On Record TREK Max to be able to stream music wherever you go.

Contribute to Culture and Industry Through Creativity

According to TDK Philippines, it believes in contributing culture and industry throughout creativity. Unsurprisingly, its products always reflect such statement all of their products boast the philosophy of thinking outside the box. If you are looking awesome TDK audio products, you are highly recommended in taking a look at TDK audio & Hi-Fi for more tantalizing audio performances.