Team Manila Philippines represents the home-grown streetwear brand that all Filipino can wear to display their rich heritage in a fashionable and cool way. Check them there below!


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Team Manila DAILY GRIND Monolith Backpack (Gray) ₱ 1,815.00 LazMall by Lazada
Team Manila Workwear Jacket (Fatigue) ₱ 1,995.00 Shopee
Team Manila Golden Pouch (Black) ₱ 240.00 LazMall by Lazada
Team Manila X EHEADS Soundwaves Stripes (Heather Gray) ₱ 495.00 LazMall by Lazada
Team Manila Classic Embro (Black) ₱ 495.00 LazMall by Lazada
Team Manila DIVERSITY POUCH (BLACK) Medium ₱ 295.00 LazMall by Lazada
Team Manila DAILY GRIND Stripes Pocket 1 (Blue/White) ₱ 495.00 LazMall by Lazada
Team Manila Sorbetes Tote Bag (Royal Blue) ₱ 315.00 LazMall by Lazada
Team Manila Rainbow Belt Bag (Navy Blue) ₱ 626.00 Shopee
Team Manila Peace out (Black) ₱ 395.00 LazMall by Lazada
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-30% Team Manila DAILY GRIND Monolith Backpack (Gray)

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Team Manila Philippines - Representing Proudly Pinoy Streetwear & Lifestyle Culture

Drawing inspiration from the urban lifestyle, culture and imagery of the beloved city of Manila, the capital of Philippines, Team Manila Philippines incorporates everything and anything that exemplifies life in Manila. Applying its creative graphic interpretation of national icons to silhouettes of odds and ends from everyday life in the streets of Manila, it is not surprising that Team Manila has been said to enable "Pinoys to wear their hearts on the sleeves". In fact, Team Manila has been very successful in adapting mainstream Filipino images and beliefs into its products by elevating normal "everyday" things as something worth to be worn proudly on a shirt. Characterised by simple yet iconic imageries that make everything from Manila to be fashionable and fun, Team Manila continues to be favorite among the crowd as well as earning a special place in their hearts for promoting the rich culture of Filipinos.

Team Manila Philippines - Celebrating The Filipino Culture Since 2001

Since its inception in 2001, Team Manila has been striving to inspire and elevate the culture of Filipinos through the combination of art and creativity. Believing that graphic design itself can be the catalyst of change, Team Manila has sparked a powerful movement that is committed in combining indigenous designs with local influences to create an authentic and unique Filipino brand. Starting from just a small brand of limited edition t-shirts, Team Manila eventually emerges as a full lifestyle brand with its products ranging from clothing to home accessories. All of these amazing Team Manila products carry the proud and passionate messages of nationalism; who would have thought that patriotism could be so cool? Only Team Manila makes it possible to be fashionably cool and spectacular when wearing something that proudly displays the Filipino heritage.

Embracing Team Manila Philippines Style

Throughout its years, Team Manila has never deviated from its objective of spreading nationalism in a "digestible" fashion that many especially the young urban crowd can fully appreciate and enjoy. Despite marketing and selling its own products, Team Manila is still doing projects for corporate giants, designing collaterals, developing visuals and creating commercial content as the core of Team Manila is still pretty much a graphic design studio in its heart. This illustrates Team Manila's efforts in promoting the culture and heritage of Filipino, leaving its mark and touch in every project. Not only that, Team Manila is also very active in gathering lots of talented graphic designers so that they are able to show their creative skills in designing marvelous award-winning works. In fact, Team Manila has been able to produce high quality designs for its products in consistent numbers with uncompromising standards.

Meet The Creative Mastermind Duo Behing Team Manila Philippines

No one can ever expect that reimagining of Jose Rizal as a pop art is the start of a creative revolution at the national level. Team Manila has been playing a major role in "Rizalizing The Future", a project or campaign to rediscover Rizal and his virtues to cultivate the love and pride in beloved Philippines. The idea of placing a sunglass-wearing Jose Rizal on shirts begins with the dynamic duo of Jowee Alviar and Mon Punzalan who have the same shared styles and aspirations. After acquiring and accumulating vast experiences of designing and collaborating with top corporate brands, it will be a waste of their talents if they do not pursue their passions of creating a lifestyle brand that is uniquely Filipino. Hence, the duo leads the Team Manila in creating the iconic Jose Rizal as well as cultivating public appreciation of him and Filipino culture through redefining the graphic and visual culture.

Why Buy Team Manila Philippines Products

There are many reasons to get any of Team Manila products as they are truly outstanding designs that will make a fine addition to your wardrobe. Given the fact that there is also a lot of Filipino brands that have been spreading similar message like Team Manila, none of them is as successful as Team Manila.

  • Unique & Authentic Filipino Style : Taking cue from everything that is part of Filipino culture, Team Manila draw inspiration from the mundane to the extraordinary; from the street vendors to great Filipino popular icons. Incorporating the best of Filipino culture such as Filipino street food and jeepneys, Team Manila is able to fuse them into modern Filipino art with its own distinctive style, edge and character. Added with creative application of typography and illustration, Team Manila presents the unique and authentic Filipino streetwear that you can wear around.
  • Inspired Visual Culture & Lifestyle : What happens if you put all talented designers in one room? As a result, you will be getting tremendous amount of creative output that is being poured and transformed into awesome works of art. Thanks to its own amazing level of organisation, you will find Team Manila does not sport the problems of "having too much cooks spoil the broth" syndrome as Team Manila products are designed consistently with the same overall message of championing the pride of Filipinos. In other words, Team Manila also creates wonderful designs that do not suffer from having too much clashing inputs. That being said, creating a powerful visual brand that inspires pride and patriotism through popular pop art that people can wear is not an easy feat but Team Manila manages to pull this successfully, earning itself a trendsetter in the urban fashion of Filipino youths.

Great Team Manila Collection

As one of the top streetwear in the Philippines, Team Manila has designed numerous products such as t-shirts, jackets, belts, accessories, stickers, pins, shades, caps, socks and even unique Filipino cans (because it can, get it?). Infused with unique Filipino humors, jokes and beliefs, you now can proudly show your own identity and personality with creative Team Manila designs. If you are an urban-conscious animal trapped in labyrinth concrete jungle, Team Manila will make you stand out among your peers.

Spreading Positive Vibe With Team Manila Philippines

Tapping into the rich heritage of Filipino culture enables Team Manila to come out with incredible ranges of products that you can proudly wear to show your pride as a Filipino. Have a look at the latest collection of Team Manila T-Shirts that is constantly updated! Be sure to check out Team Manila's own lookbook to be inspired and get fitted right away!

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