Looking for powerful yet affordable smartphones and tablets? Famous brands in the market today like Samsung, LG and Apple offers a wide array of gadgets but their price tag sure comes with a premium. If you want to do away with the expensive brands but is looking for quality and powerful gadgets, Teclast is a newly found company that is devoted to creating just that. Shop for Electronics and Gadgets from Teclast by clicking here!


Top Teclast Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Teclast M40 ₱ 8,549.00 Shopee
Teclast P20HD ₱ 6,434.00 Lazada
Teclast F7 Plus ₱ 15,999.00 Lazada
Teclast X6 Pro 2-In-1 Laptop ₱ 24,999.00 Lazada
Teclast P80X ₱ 3,599.00 Shopee
Teclast M16 ₱ 12,000.00 Shopee
Teclast P80H ₱ 4,833.60 Lazada
Teclast F5 ₱ 16,149.00 LazMall by Lazada
Teclast X4 2-In-1 Laptop ₱ 16,149.00 Lazada
teclast P80H 10" Tablet/8 Inch Ips/Gps Navigation/Bluetooth 4.2/Dual Camera/2Gb Ram 32Gb Rom Tablet ₱ 3,699.00 Shopee
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Teclast M40

Cheapest at Shopee ₱ 8,549.00 ₱ 14,500.00 Go to Shop

Teclast Philippines: High Performing Electronics for the Lowest of Prices

How Teclast Philippines Came to Be

Teclast was established in the year 1999 as an integrated digital brand that devotes time and energy into innovation, information technology, and research and development. As many years passed by, the people behind Teclast had managed to bring forward the brand and company to new heights—reaching to be one of China’s industry leaders through the monopoly of 12% market share and boasting over 80 million current users. The Teclast brand had also ventured into other countries like the US, Australia, and a number of ASEAN countries.

What Does Teclast Philippines Offer Its Consumers

Since the brand name, “Teclast” is derived from the merger of the words, “technology” and “last”, to signify that technology behind their products will last forever, Teclast manufactures and markets electronics with the promise of function, durability, reliability, and style. Teclast manufactures 4 types of products. They are Phablets, Ultrapads, TV Boxes, and Accessories.

Teclast Phablets

Keeping up with the trend of merging 2 types of electronics to make one that carries the best qualities of both to intensify overall user experience, Teclast manufactures its own phablets (phone + tablets). Take for example Teclast’s X70R Phablet. It boasts an Intel x3-C3230 4-bit Quad-core processor, a gigantic 7-inch display along with an Android 5.1 OS, making it one of the best phablets you can get in the market today just regarding it price.

Teclast Ultrapads

With the idea of phablets mentioned above, you can guarantee that when Teclast manufactures and releases their own version and embodiment of the personal tab/pad idea, the end-product would turn out to be one of the best you can get in the market. We are taking the Teclast X98 Plus as an example of Teclast’s Ultrapads. Marketed as the fifth X98 Atom tablet in the company, the X98 Plus boasts a new unibody housing while revving 4GB RAM and a 2048 x 1536 pixel IGZO Retina screen that produces greater contrast, colors, and viewing angles. The X98 also comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. What is most enticing to us is the X98 Plus’ capabilities to run in full desktop mode. What it means here is that you run the X98 Plus via a computer monitor using a micro HDMI cable and a mouse and keyboard. Viola! You get yourself being able to control your tab like how you would control your very own personal computer.

Teclast TV Boxes

For the time being, Teclast only manufactures 1 product under the TV Boxes category and it is called the Teclast K8 Octa Core TV Box. The K8 Octa Core TV Box sports these main features:

    • 10,000 worldwide TV channels and latest movie titles watchable in Full HD
    • Browse the Internet from your TV
    • Watch YouTube and listen to online radios
    • USB slots grant instant connection to your favorite medias on pendrives and/or hard disks
    • You can check your email through it
    • Play online games
    • It could mirror your smartphone through AirPlay
    • Powered by Android KitKat
    • Supports 4K video displaying

Teclast Accessories

Other than the phablets, the ultrapads, and the TV Boxes, Teclast also ventured into the accessories part of it business. This is one through the development of powerbanks, screen protectors, keyboards & stylus, headsets, and casings.

What caught our eyes the most in the assortment of Teclast accessories are their very uniquely designed Migu Owl LED Special Edition. These Migus are powerbanks that are shaped like owls and have the extra accessory of LED lights—guess where the lights come from, their eyes. If you want a powerbank that screams both power and design prowess, then Teclast’s Special Edition Migu Owl LED.

Technology that will Last: A Teclast Philippines Promise

Teclast, just like some of the most renowned brands there are, has a wide range of electronic accessories and gadgets that would satisfy your need for performance without burning much money.

One of their ground breaking tablets the X98 Air could pretty much go head to head with any other Tablets out in the market right now. It offers Dual boot, which means it can run Android and Windows 8.1 for Desktop simultaneously. Aside from that, it's processing power is pretty much at par with standard laptops of today. It can in fact run games far better than the typical tablets from well renowned brands today, but for half the price.

Aside from that, Teclast also offers a great deal of accessories for your gadgets, like Bluetooth Keyboards, Smart Watch, Smart Pedometer, Power Banks and the like. All boasting top notch performance quality but for a lower price.

If you are opting for more electronics brands that develops high performing but reasonably-priced products besides Teclast, then check out the products from Xiaomi, Huawei, or Pineng.

Happy Shopping!