High fashion for both ladies and gentlemen. Ted Baker caters to both markets with exquisite taste in style and design. It is an epic mixture of modern, high-fashion clothing with a classy twist. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind outfit that would stun the crowd, Ted Baker is a popular choice, not only for celebrities and high-end fashionistas but for the common guy and girl with an eye for style. Read more about Ted Baker in the Philippines here below to find out.


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How to Wear Your Ted Baker Suits Fashionably

Among many fashion brands, Ted Baker clothing has been regarded as one of the best because it boasts simple and sophisticated pieces that look great all the time. Renowned for its wonderful collection of gorgeous suits, Ted Baker offers many exceptional designs that suit every taste. Since it has lots of different suits, it can be tricky to know which design suits the most. Thankfully, here is how to wear your Ted Baker suits fashionably so that you can look great with any suits.

Decide Your Fit

The obvious thing you should look for is your own fit. Understanding the key differences between two different fits will give you a better understanding of how to make the most out of your suit. When you get a proper fit, you can express your personality and style effortlessly.

Slim Fit

Popular for most body types, slim fit is defined with a cut that is slim through and from the shoulder and waist. This kind of cut aims to create comfort and extra room on the hip and hem. Suitable for broader body types, slim fit suits exude a more streamlined silhouette. Ideally, it always ends with a pair of straight leg trousers because they match slim fit suit well.

Skinny Fit

When you compare it to slim fit, skinny fit offers more hugged fit. It is skinny around the shoulder and emphasizes the waist. It is a design that is ideal for those with tall and slim body types. Since it appears more defined and fitted, it is the go-to suit for formal events rather than as an everyday wear.

Specific Details of Suit Fit


Despite what you may think, buttons are important because they can make your formal suit style look more casual. The one-button jacket is perfect for the casual look. Technically, any blazer should work well if you are going for a casual look. However, a one-button suit may look too relaxed for a formal look.

Since most jackets come with a single button, you should know that they are not suitable as formal wear. The standard jacket for work should contain two buttons. One of the benefits of 2-button jackets is the flattering deep "V" that is formed by longer lapels. Interestingly, some 2-button jackets can have higher button stance that looks as if they have 3 buttons. While there are actual suits with three buttons, they are more suited for taller people. This is because these people tend to have more chest length to cover and may take another button to fasten their jackets.


Since different people have different arm length, it is hard to determine what can be done about your cuffs. The shift cuffs will exceed the suit jacket by about half an inch; they should be no more than an inch or less than the actual jacket. If you see the need to shorten the arms, it is best that you should consult a tailor for a professional opinion.

Length of Trousers

As for the length, it must sit perfectly on your ankle and crucially before it rests on your shoe. When you sit down, your trousers will rise up a little bit. In order to save yourself from embarrassment, you should have socks that rise a fair way past your Achilles. If you wear gym socks or those short length socks with a suit, you will definitely risk showing your "hairy" legs.

Choosing the Color of Suits

When it comes to selection of colors, it is always about your preference. While the black color is popular among the suits, it should not be the dominant color of the suits. Most people should have a black suit lying somewhere in their wardrobes. There is a reason why the black color is seen as the staple color of the suits. It is both slick and slimming color that works wonderfully at the time. However, there are times you should ditch the black color because it can be too somber or boring.

On the subject of alternatives to black color, navy color is equally as slimming and attractive as the black. Whether you are going for work or on a wedding day, a navy full suit certainly does not look out of place there. Fitting and timeless, your navy suit should be worn with classic shoes such as derbies or brogues. Also, you should not feel restricted with the colors because there are different colors you can choose from. You can experiment with other great colors such as pink, grey, or even white. Dark gray is more versatile and goes with more colors.