With the aim of offering customers with an opportunity to enjoy healthy, diversified and tasty food, Tefal produces state-of-the-art yet affordable cookware and kitchenware for every household. Read more about Tefal Philippines products and how you can use them to cook healthy food for your loved ones.

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Top Tefal Price List 2021

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Tefal Fry Delight FX1000 Air Fryer ₱ 12,365.00 Lazada
Tefal FS 4030 ₱ 1,677.00 LazMall by Lazada
Tefal RK5001 ₱ 4,636.00 LazMall by Lazada
Tefal Day By Day Stockpot ₱ 2,650.00 Shopee
Tefal Subito ₱ 2,772.00 Shopee
Tefal Day By Day Wokpan ₱ 7,999.00 Shopee
Tefal Natura Titanium Nonstick Aluminum Pan ₱ 4,875.00 Shopee
Tefal Access Steam DT8100 Garment Steamer ₱ 4,417.00 Shopee
Tefal SO CHEF Deep Frypan ₱ 4,900.00 Shopee
Tefal Chef Delight Copper Stewpot ₱ 5,750.00 LazMall by Lazada
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Tefal Philippines – Healthy Cooking is So Much Easier with Tefal Philippines

Ensuring that we get the freshest ingredients that are prepared properly, it is important that we cook at home more than we take a way food. This is where Tefal Philippines comes in – providing high-quality cookware and kitchenware so that everyone can enjoy hassle-free healthy cooking. Tefal Philippines’s extensive range of cookware ensures that your food is cooked under optimum conditions so that the nutrients are retained even after the cooking process.

Enjoy Healthier Frying with Tefal Philippines’s Air Fryers

Frying is often times considered as an unhealthy cooking method due to the amount of oil used to fry the ingredients. One of the reasons why excessive oil is used is so that the food will not stick to the cookware. This is not a problem that one will face when using Tefal’s air fryers. Equipped with Tefal’s Actifry technology, frying is much healthier as hot pulse air fry is used to fry, grill, and roast food without using excessive amounts of oil. You will still be able to enjoy that deep-fried texture and taste, minus the grease. Tefal’s revolutionary Actifry technology enables you to savor nutritious and flavourful meals using only one spoonful of oil! French fries, chicken nuggets, crispy chicken wings, Tefal Philippines’s air fryers provide a healthier alternative to fulfill that sinful craving.

Make Your Own Bread with Tefal Philippines’s Bread Makers

Bread are one of the most versatile food product, as it can be consumed at all times of the day as the meal, a snack, or even as a dessert. However, bread that are sold commercially contain many additives and do not contain much nutrition. Bread used to be made using sourdough leavening, which takes about a day to produce – too long a time for bread manufacturers. Hence, additives, chemicals, and enzymes are added to accelerate the process to about two hours. Unfortunately, these chemicals and additives do not provide any nutritional value to our well-being and health.

But do not fret – Tefal’s bread makers enable you to make your own bread at home and best of all, the process is not as complicated as it may seem. Tefal Philippines’s bread makers come with 15 programs that you can choose them, among them being gluten-free savoury bread, gluten-free cake, wholemeal bread, and salt-free bread. A recipe book for the different varieties of bread are also included with the bread maker. Baking your own bread also means that you can add some extra ingredients to your bread such as raisins, almonds, chia seeds, et cetera for more nutrition. With Tefal Philippines’s bread makers, you do not need to compromise taste for well-being, and vice-versa!

Tefal Philippines – Durable Non-Stick Cookware for a Hassle-Free and Healthier Cooking Experience

You might ask why should one invest on non-stick cookware. Firstly, non-stick cookware such as pots and pans not only retains the aesthetics of your ingredients (food remains intact and will not stick on the surface of the cookware), cleaning the cookware will also be much easier – scraping the remains stuck on the surface is a big pain! Besides that, non-stick surfaces also guarantee healthier and fat-free cooking, as less oil is needed for frying and stir-frying to prevent the food from being stuck to the surfaces.

Tefal Philippines’s series of non-stick cookware comes with enhanced features to ensure an enjoyable cooking experience. The cookware distributes the heat evenly while cooking to ensure that all parts of the dish are cooked equally, preventing undercooking or overcooking and causing some parts to be burnt because it was cooked too long. The cookware is also equipped with a scratch-resistant interior surface coating for easier cleaning.

Purchase Tefal Philippines’s Products Online on iPrice Philippines

With Tefal Philippines, healthy cooking need not be a troublesome and time-consuming process. You also do not need to compromise your well-being for the sake of taste, as Tefal Philippines’s innovative cookware balances both taste and nutrition in all the dishes you cook. Time to cook healthy food for yourself as well as your loved ones by purchasing Tefal Philippines’s products online via iPrice Philippines. Lazada, Harvey Norman, and Qoo10 are among merchants that you can easily purchase your Tefal PRODUCTS from, at affordable prices!