As the popular icon in the musical world, The Beatles introduces us to whole world of epicness as we listen to its unique music style. Popular even to this day, The Beatles also shows us that true music will always prevail as it is being remembered fondly in everyone's hearts. Read more about The Beatles Philippines below to find out.


Best Gifts that You Can Get as a Beatles Fan

Even if you are not a fan of The Beatles, you may heard of this legendary band before as it is widely celebrated in countless literature and media. The Beatles has emerged as one of the most popular icons of all time with its unique music and presentation style. Moreover, people are drawn to the magnetic personalities of the people in the band.

Given its popularity around the world, there are tons of Beatles products in the market. Not just that, it is also easy to get spoilt for choices because you do not know where to get started. However, there is an easy guide that you can follow so that you can begin to start your own collection without any worry or fear. Hence, these are the best gifts that you can get as The Beatles fan.

The Beatles Vinyl Records

Those that remember The Beatles in its best days certainly remember about the existence of gramophone record or vinyl record. Even if you are born after it’s the break-up of the band, you will come to appreciate the wonder and awe of vinyl records as a true The Beatles fan. In fact, you can always start collecting each The Beatles vinyl record because it is both iconic and impressive at the same time. It is as if you are listening from the legendary history itself whenever you are listening to The Beatles with its vinyl records.

Not only that, The Beatles vinyl records are also popular when you display proudly in your home or other places. Furthermore, you will be delighted to see them in their finest glories as part of your own collection. Most importantly, they serve as lovely reminder of how amazing The Beatles as an icon in popular culture.

Vans X The Beatles Yellow Submarine Collection

Inspired by the Fab Four and graphics from the legendary album and film, the Vans x The Beatles Yellow Submarine collection is the first of its kind when it was launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' groundbreaking first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Based on some of the Vans classic silhouettes, this amazing Vans X The Beatles Yellow Submarine collection is certainly one of the must-have products that every The Beatles fan must get.

Among the collection is the incredible Sk8-Hi Reissue which incorporates alternating artwork on each quarter panel that hosts individual portraits of the Fab Four from the film. As for the Vans Classic Slip-On, it takes on the Sea of Monsters with a continuous underwater scene across each pair from left to right. Both Vans Era and Vans Authentic proudly exhibit the band in a scenic garden and all-over "All You Need is Love" print.

Most importantly, all of them have that iconic Yellow Submarine imagery which puts the finishing touches on the quartet on every footbed. Not just that, you can also find such lovely icon on the woven labels of each laced shoe and custom collector's box. Essentially, this Vans X The Beatles Yellow Submarine collection is one complete package that you should get as a great homage to The Beatles.

Sgt. Pepper Collection

Obviously, this entire The Beatles collection takes its name from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club, the eighth studio album by The Beatles. When the album was released, it was recognized for its impressive innovation in music production, graphic design, songwriting, and audio content. While each The Beatles album is popular in its own right, the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club still retains its special place in the hearts of The Beatles fans.Incredibly, the whole collection boasts tons of different products that celebrate the epic legacy of this album.

From the simple T-shirt to 6 disc deluxe box set, it is simple incredible to see Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club receives much love and attention. As The Beatles fan, it is highly encouraged that you should complete all of them if possible because having a complete set of them is certainly satisfying.

The Beatles Guitar/Musical Gear

Another amazing Beatles product that you should get is Beatles guitar or musical gear. Basically, you can always accessorize your guitar with these lovely Beatles accessories. Whenever you are strumming some of the legendary songs from Beatles, these wonderful accessories certainly make every jamming sessions worthwhile and memorable at the same time. From the simple guitar tattoo to elaborate guitar strap, every Beatles guitar or musical gear boasts lovely Beatles design which makes it a meaningful piece in your collection.

Needless to say, the guitar picks are one of the most important components that you need especially during strumming chords or sounding individual notes on your guitar. You can always show your love to The Beatles by using The Beatles guitar picks. These guitar picks often feature certain iconic artwork that is inspired by Beatles. As a true Beatles fan and lover of music, you should collect them. Even people that do not play guitars also love to collect The Beatles guitar picks because they are really gorgeous. Usually, they are available in one box set.

Aside from the beautiful Beatles guitar picks, you should also take a look at the well-crafted Beatles guitar straps as well. From the Revolver to the Yellow Submarine theme, these The Beatles guitar straps boast the iconic Beatles album cover that should complement your guitar nicely. In other words, you now can channel Beatles vibe as you are playing your music with great confidence.

Regarding the guitar tattoos, there are tons of Beatles guitar tattoos that you can choose from when it comes to personalizing your own guitar with these peel and stick guitar tattoos. Now, you can always dress up your guitar so that you can always be inspired byBeatles in your music performance.