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The Friendly Swede Paracord Fire Starter Necklace (Black)
₱ 539.00
The Friendly Swede Fire Starter Necklace Since the Friendly Swede started in 2011 we have launched almost 200 Paracord Products. With that, it feels safe to say that we know our paracord! We have been selling paracord bracelets for a very long time so now we wanted to give you the opportunity to also wear your paracord as a stylish necklace! STYLE, FUNCTION & SAFETY When we designed this Paracord Necklace we had three leading words "style, function and safety". To make the necklace wearable in (almost) all situations we made the design very simple and sleek. The necklace is also available in multiple colours so why not get more than one to match your different outfits? Of course the necklace also needed to have smart functions and therefore we made it of our high quality 550 paracord. Paracord is great to have in many outdoor situations where you need to secure a tent, make a sling for your arm, tie objects together for easier transport and much, much more. The fire starter and the scraper works as the pendant on the necklace but you can also take them off to make fire. To make fire: Scrape off black protective coating from firestarter rod with the striker, prepare your tinder, scrape striker hard and fast down the firestarter and allow sparks to fall onto tinder. Your safety is our priority and therefore we have added a clasp to the necklace as the necklace is made of paracord and paracord won't break if you were to accidentally get caught in a branch or others. The clasp is strong but it will open with a hard firm tug to release. By combining style, function and safety we have created a well made new paracord accessory for you! OUR PROMISE TO YOU We are completely obsessed with product quality and great customer service - if you have any questions please get in touch with our customer service team and we will get you the answers you need.
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*Prices updated on 22 Aug 2017

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