Shoes that are meant to last long and can stand the challenge outdoors, that's what Timberland Shoes Philippines has to offer. Find a great selection of shoes for all purpose: trendy, casual, or even outdoors. Click here to know more!


Timberland Shoes Philippines: Shoes for Professionals from All Walks of Life

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Timberland was founded at New England in 1918 by Nathan Swartz. Its main concept started out as an outdoor lifestyle line of clothing and apparels. Nathan Swartz, the founder of this brand injected an innovative take on their clothing and footwear with technologically enhanced materials. These led to the creation of their famed waterproof boots, which took the world by storm back in 1965.

Timberland set off its venture making reliable shoes for the hardworking men and women; shoes that don't easily get worn out against extreme environments, yet still offering a comfortable fit. Their shoes are designed to be taken any where, it's equipped with superior traction that enables users to go anywhere, any time, under any weather.

Why Timberland Shoes?

Timberland shoes is one of the luxury brands that are out in the market today. Their line of shoes may come with a price, but you are guaranteed to have an overall satisfaction. Why?

  • Their Shoes are built to last.
  • Always update their product line with the latest styles
  • Different types of shoes that matches every personality or occasion

Types of Shoes from Timberland

Timberland has a wide array of choices for shoes enthusiasts to choose from. From their signature ruggedly outlandish boots, their line of products has evolved to cater the modern lifestyle of many.

The signature footwear from Timberland. Their boots are highly durable, because it’s greatly designed to withstand cold weather and other extremely damaging conditions. Their boots range from laced-up boots, ankle boots to rain boots.
Designed for those living a casual yet playful lifestyle. Their sneakers are elegantly designed, sporting a not so usual style that you see with most sneakers from other footwear brands. Their sneakers come in High-Cut, Low-Cut, and Skate Shoes. Their sneakers are a standout, sporting a style that you don’t really see just anywhere.
Formal Shoes
To date, their formal shoes is among their shoe line that has the largest variety, mainly because formal shoes has covered quite a number of styles.
  • Loafers - For many generations, loafers have been the shoe of choice by most men. Loafers a style that can cater to both for and casual occasions, which made it one of the most beloved shoe styles by men.
  • Derbys - A highly elegant looking shoe, sporting a very formal look. It is made from leather and is the shoe of choice when it comes to pulling off a royal look.
  • Oxford - pretty much the same as the Derby's, however it has a closed lacing.

From the great outdoors to the office in the city, Timberland Shoes Philippines continues to offer the quality and style you’ve come to expect from a brand that's been tested through time.