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Timeless White Solid Satin Underbust Corset, Size 26 at 6483.00 PHP from Galleon
Timeless White Solid Satin Underbust Corset, Size 26
₱ 6,483.00
Made up of 26 flexible spiral steel stays, steel busk, 4 steel bars supporting the back grommets, and 2 steel bars adjacent to the front busk. The corset is made from three layers of fabric. The two inner layers are heavy cotton twill which is laminated to the outer for extra strength and durability. Laced with white ribbon features garter belt loops. A general rule of thumb is to take your actual waist size from just above your navel and subtract 3 to 4 inches from it. For example, if your actual waist measurement is 30, you should consider a size 26 corset. If your ribcage (underbust) measurement is smaller, the same as, or only one inch larger than your waist, you will need a smaller corset. For example, a person with a 30 inch waist and ribcage measuring 29 to 31 inches will most likely need a size 24 instead of 26. Our corsets range in length according to size, and generally sit right above the hip on most people. The center front ranges from 11 - 12 inches, the side length ranges from 9 3/4 - 10 1/2 inches, the center back ranges from 12 3/4 - 13 inches, and the underbust to hip ranges from 9- 10 inches. Our corsets are made individually, so measurements may vary slightly. If your waist measurement is equal to or more than your rib cage measurement, you'll need one size smaller than what is shown on the chart. Example: Waist is 31" which fits a size 28 corset. If your rib cage (directly under your bust) is 31 inches or less you'll go down a corset size to 26.
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