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Tinker Motors – A motoring adventure in The Philippines

Off-roading in an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can get in your life. Conquering the terrain with a high-powered wheeled mini machine has the potential to make your heart skip a beat. This experience is what Tinker Motors Philippines is all about. Dominating the world of pocket bikes, ATVs and off-road bikes, Tinker Motors brings the exciting technology to you. Explore new territories and expand your boundaries with Tinker Motors in Philippine’s awesome range of vehicles and accessories to go along with them. Today, you can find Tinker Motors online with iprice. Find out more with the links below or browse the selection above.

Tinker Motors bringing pocket-sized motoring fun to you!

If you yearn for an exciting experience in motoring, if you want to speed through off-road terrains that have yet to be conquered, then Tinker Motors is the brand for you! In Philippines, Tinker Motors captures the inner child in you with a huge range of pocket bikes. For those who are new to the pocket bike scene, a pocket bike is basically a motorcycle that is shrunk to a child’s size, but with the capacity to seat an adult. As for ATVs, these are 4-wheeled machines designed to bring you across rough paths. Run through the woods or on sandy beaches or even on tarmac with these four wheeled motorized vehicles.

It’s a wonder how this company brought this technology from a small name to a globally-recognized name in motorized vehicles. Even so, today, we can enjoy Tinker Motors to its fullest with online shopping. Let’s look at what Tinker Motors has in store for us today.

Tinker Motors big boys’ toys

Fascinated yet? Tinker Motors’ huge line-up of motor vehicles means you have hundreds of toys to choose from. Two-wheeled exhilaration along with four-wheeled enjoyment, Tinker Motors captures you childhood desires of adventure and outdoor activities with its wide selection of sports vehicles. You can check out Tinker Motors automotive for a big selection of bikes and two-wheeled enjoyable motors for an affordable selection to get you going. Apart from that, some of the best vehicles you can find come in the form of:

  • Tinker Motors 4 stroke ATVs
  • Tinker Motors Pocket Bikes
  • Tinker Motors Dirt Bikes

The online selection of Tinker Motors with iprice.

So you want to get the best from Tinker Motors but don’t know where to start? Let us at iprice show you what you can get. You can start with these hand-picked selections we offer. Priced at affordable price tags, these bikes will be the greatest investments you can get. Check these out:

  • Tinker Motors - GPX 49cc Pocket Rocket Sports Bike
  • Tinker Motors - GPR Pocket Rocket Full Race
  • Tinker Motors SR150 4-Stroke 150cc All-Terrain Vehicle
  • Tinker Motors Enduro DBS 49cc Pocket Rocket Dirt Bike
  • Tinker Motors - RZR Pocket Rocket Kids ATV
  • Tinker Motors - DMX 49cc Pocket Rocket Dirt Bike
  • Tinker Motors - OffRoad Go Kart Drifter 200
  • Tinker Motors KDB Pocket Rocket Dirt Bike Classic 49cc
  • Tinker Motors ARV Pocket Rocket ATV 49cc

All of these fit perfectly in the action-packed lifestyle of those who crave adventure. You simply can’t deny the awesomeness that is Tinker Motors. It doesn’t take much for you to enjoy this awesome brand as it offers so much pleasure. So how would you get Tinker Motors online in the Philippines? it’s simple – shop with iprice.

Get Tinker Motors with iprice today

Now that you know more about Tinker Motors and its top selling vehicles, you can go ahead and shop for your very own motorized pocket-sized fun. The best-selling products from Tinker Motors include Utility Vehicle Motor UTV Razor 150cc (Red), GPX 49cc Pocket Rocket Sports Bike (Blue/Orange) and 125cc RES125 4 Stroke All-Terrain Vehicle (Red). With a price range of ₱ 9,750.00 - ₱ 159,990.00, you can get your hands on some of the best products from Tinker Motors. Products like different types of Automotive are sold by Tinker Motors. Yellow, White and Red are the most popular options amongst many Tinker Motors buyers. Tinker Motors products can be purchased on iprice with up to 55% discounts