Celebrating the essence of classic American cool style, Tommy Hilfiger features preppy clothing with a twist. Revamp your wardrobe with Tommy Hilfiger in the Philippines and learn how to dress preppy for men below.


How to dress preppy for men with Tommy Hilfiger

When it comes to classic fashion trends, the preppy style has undeniably stood the test of times. Preppy is a fashion term that can be defined by the clean look it gives off. The garments tend to be fitted and designed with basic patterns such as stripes and plaid. Nonetheless, it is not necessary to fill up your wardrobe with all these items. The key is to choose pieces that give you a clean look. Here are ways you can master the style with Tommy Hilfiger.

The preppy shirts

Preppy shirts are easily identified; just make sure to fill your closet with collared shirts such as the Polo, Oxford, and Seersucker. Perhaps one of the most identifiable items in a preppy wardrobe, the polo shirt is one of the signature pieces in Tommy Hilfiger’s collections. Try avoiding wearing colours that are too bold and opt for the classic white. Other than that, pastel shades work well too. Nonetheless, do avoid the early 2000s popped collar trend as it takes away the neat look.

On the other hand, the Tommy Hilfiger oxford shirt has many designs that are popular with the preppy style. Some examples would be the sky blue or candy stripe patterns. Ideal shades for these types of shirts include pastel or spring colours. You can make this look more formal by adding a simple bowtie or necktie. For a more casual look, throw on a Tommy Hilfiger knitwear sweater.


When you pick your shirts, make sure to choose those with button-down, plain point, and rounded collars. If you are aiming towards the preppy gentleman look, your best bet would be the plain point shirt. This is due to the fact that it has a clean cut and classic shape, thus making it a versatile option. If you want to achieve the ‘Ivy League’ look, simply opt for a brightly coloured or striped necktie.


When it comes to looking casual in a sweater, go for crew neck and a more formal option would be the V-neck. These two options look great when paired with a button-down oxford shirt and tie. It is important to consider the type of fabrics too. The three types of fabrics suitable for the preppy style are cashmere, wool/wool-blend, and cotton.


Synonymous with the preppy style, the navy blazer will easily tie the look together. To truly encapsulate the style, it is best to select a single breasted blazer such as the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 2 button side vent suit separate jacket. Choose blazers that are made with materials such as poplin and wool. Make sure to know your measurement before making your blazer purchase online. This is because; an ill-fitting blazer can completely throw off the look. The fabric should hang from your body naturally, instead of fitting securely which restricts movement. Simply pair the blazer with a slim-fitting collared tee and for an old-school sophistication, you can place a pocket square.


Ties make a great accessory as well as adding a little colour to your look. Always opt for repetitive prints and bold primary colours such as the Tommy Hilfiger men’s orange medium dot self bow tie and the men’s multi plaid navy necktie. Depending on the type of collar your shirt you have, it will determine the kind of tie you would want to choose. For example, a thin tie would be suitable for a small straight collar while the wider collar requires a larger one.


Chinos are a style of trouser popularized by an American military origin. Originally worn by soldiers as uniforms, it is considered less formal than dress pants. The shades of these trousers have a standard khaki colour that can be both stylish and practical, which can be transitioned easily from work to after hours. Nonetheless, do not be afraid to try out bolder colours. The fit for these pants should be always tapered and straight-leg, stopping at the ankle and with the ends cuffed up.


The staple footwear for the preppy style would be penny loafers or boat shoes. It would be ideal to pick the Tommy Hilfiger suede boat shoe or the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Aldez boat shoe in burgundy. It is also encouraged to wear the shoes without socks, particularly if you wear the boat shoes.


It is also encouraged to choose a few accessories that will finish off the look. Some of the closet staples include leather belt, cuff links, scarves, pocket squares, leather watchbands, monograms and much more.

The preppy look is not an exclusive style for men only; women can also look good with this style only with Tommy Hilfiger for women in the Philippines.