Are you looking for a pair of shoe that is cute, comfortable and yet with a good cause? Then you should totally invest in a pair of TOMS. Know more about their shoes here.


TOMS Shoes Philippines: Making a difference with shoes

Toms Shoes Philippines: One for One

Put your best foot forward without losing your conscience with TOMS. When it comes to beautiful, fancy footwear, we’re more likely to think of those that changed the fashion industry with red soles, spiky heels and Jimmy Choo tags. But one affordable slip-ons has more than put its stamp in the footwear industry in the recent years.

TOMS, the amazing brand behind these ethical yet adorable espadrilles – with their singular tagline “one for one” – has indeed changed the fashionable feet, as well as the face charitable giving with their single mission.

Founder, Blake Mycoskie’s idea behind the existence of TOMS was simple: for every pair of shoes sold, another is given to children in the developing countries. It all started in 2006 when he met some children who needed shoes to go to school and didn’t even have the basic pair of footwear. Not wanting to use the existence of donation, he started TOMS, where the purchasing power of their customers is used to benefit the greater good. Having sold over 10 million shoes, TOMS aims to put a pair of shoe on every child’s feet all around the world. Get your pair of TOMS today and from their range of footwear that includes ballet shoes, plimsolls, sneakers and even wedges and put a smile on a child’s face when he receives his first pair of shoes.

TOMS Shoes Philippines: Comfortable shoes with a fantastic mission

Between our love for anything that looks good and feels good, finding this good can be a hard task. But with TOMS, a cute shoe that is as comfortable as walking on soft clouds is a given. Some of their other plus points include:

  1. The match well with anything! And we mean everything you have in your wardrobe. Even if you are not a fashionista, believe us when we say that TOMS shoes are perfect with shorts, dresses, jeans, and all kind of tops.
  2. These shoes are made for walking. Although they are all about giving, they do not miss out on the actual shoe part. Their creations are made for your foot as it wraps them perfectly. You wouldn’t want to put your feet in anything else after using TOMS
  3. They are made to last. Walk around the world and your TOMS would still feel brand new. Hike up the highest mountains or explore the deepest jungle, your TOMS will never fail you nor let you down.
  4. One for One. Just is what TOMS is all about. They give one pair to a child in need for every pair purchased, helping these kids avoid diseases that can be transmitted when they walk around barefoot, go to school with a proper pair of footwear and the list goes on!

TOMS Shoes Philippines: The best of TOMS

Get you shoe game ready with these must haves from TOMS.


  • Chambray Women’s Open Toe Alpargatas
  • Black Leather Women’s Zoe Sandals
  • Blush Textile Floral Women’s Classics
  • Black White Cultural Woven Women’s Del Rey Sneakers
  • Navy Canvas Women’s Classics


  • Black Chambray Men’s Meteo Chukka Boots
  • Navy Stripe Men’s University Classics
  • Wordsearch Men’s Classics
  • Red Canvas Men’s Classics
  • Cognac Full Grain Leather Men’s Classics

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