Mixing classic styles with bohemian elegance, Tory Burch in the Philippines is a brand that embraces the spirit of adventure with character, colour, and beauty. Click here to read more about things you may not know about the brand.


Things you may not know about the brand Tory Burch

Collaboration with Fitbit

Although the brand is well-known for its ready-to-wear shoes, handbags, accessories, and beauty, Tory Burch has also collaborated with Fitbit to create fashionable tech, making them the first fashion brand to move into wearable technology. The idea was to create a functional yet stylish piece of jewellery. The Fitbit Flex has been designed to match the everyday styles of fitness-lovers as well as their mood and activities. Moreover, the Flex band features a removable tracker which can be efficiently incorporated into a variety of pieces that are available in metal and leather.

Tory Burch Foundation

Other than being a successful entrepreneur herself, Tory Burch also wants to empower women in their entrepreneurship journey. Launched in 2009, the foundation provides support to women who are facing obstacles such as balancing work and family as well as securing financing. Moreover, there are programs and initiatives that are specifically designed for businesswomen. It provides access to capital, entrepreneurial education, and mentoring and networking opportunities. One of the main reasons for the start of this foundation was to not only benefit women but also their children. Other than that, it empowers women to be able to help themselves by offering various resources and tools. Thus, women can efficiently grow their businesses, their communities, and everyone around them.

Tory Burch: the woman behind this billion dollar label

Praised by every industry insider, Tory Burch’s uniquely chic and feminist designs of clothing, shoes, bags and fashion accessories are also the most-wanted items for every girl’s wardrobe.

Tory was born to an American couple in Philadelphia, living a regular life like any other girl. The predestined career path in the fashion industry soon came to her as she landed a writing job in various renowned names like Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Harper’s Bazaar. Inspired by many great women in the fashion houses, Tory Burch embarked on her own journey with the birth of her own label, Tory Burch which was initially called “TRB by Tory Burch” in 2004. Her first flagship store was open in Manhattan’s Nolita district which soon became “the next big thing in fashion” as endorsed by Oprah Winfrey.

The surprising fact about her globally renowned fashion line is that it was incubated in her very own kitchen. Little did she know it would soon compete with the legendary Coco Chanel, Michael Kors and Kade Spade in the sales figures at Bloomingdale’s, and won.

Tory once made it to the television with an appearance in the famous series “Gossip Girl”. Her elegant and boho-chic style made a huge wave in the series itself and later on spread out like wildfire with fans who are fashion icons like Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.

Tory Burch: Her latest collection

This summer 2015, Tory Burch introduced 2 major collections which are Boho luxe and Travel Chic.

Boho Luxe is made for customers who are free-spirited and yet in the search for a little touch of luxury. The collection features her signature apparels which are the Frenesi cabana jacket, inspired by the cultural and artistic hub in the 50s, the V-neck dresses, drawstring bucket bags, spiral earrings, poplin plunging tunic, toggle sandals, and T-print cat eye sunglasses.

If you like to travel stylishly, you wouldn’t want to miss out the Travel Chic collection. It features Tory Burch’s signature shoes, which is the Minnie travel ballet flat made from leather and embedded with the iconic T-medallion.

Tory Burch is more than just a fashion label

Being able to succeed in the harsh industry that is full of creative mind and designing talent, Tory Burch is truly an icon for every entrepreneur to look up to. Understanding the up and down of the business world, especially to women, Tory embraced her blessing by helping those who wish to dive into the entrepreneurship. That has led to the birth of Tory Burch Foundation in 2009, aims to support the empowerment of women entrepreneurs.

This Foundation is a way for Tory to express her gratitude towards her parents as they have always been the pillars of her empire with their continuous support and mentor ever since she started Tory Burch. The Foundation’s Sunflower ensemble is an imitation to the pendant that was handed down from her parents.

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