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TOTEM Genuine Leather Belt For Men With Steel Buckle Brown & Reversible 35mm Gift Box
₱ 1,379.00

Totem belts are made with high quality genuine leather concealed with fortifying polyurethane. Genuine leather, sleek and clean, provides you a perfect fit. Resistance buckles are made with steel alloy to create a substance with greater strength and resistance to corrosion has engraving monogram, can be used for any occasions. This leather belt comes in a nice box and would make a perfect gift for dad, grandpa, brother, sister or uncle. In this box it's still protected and wrapped in a plastic sleeve. The width of the belt is perfect for wear in if not all, most of his work pants, jeans and shorts, suitable for both men, women and youth. The design buckle engraved embossed makes it very attractive and look much more expensive than the actual cost, will make you feel good, rich, formal and dressy. If the belt length is too long you can cut off the excess at the buckle end and re-attach using a screwdriver and razor blade or sharp knife. And using a leather punch to punch a hole for the re-attachment of the buckle. To ensure that you cut it to the right length, you can either measure yourself around the waist, or measure the belt that you normally wear from the end of the strap by the buckle to the hole normally use. To remove the strap and measure the same length on the strap of the new belt-make sure you do this from the center hole, or the one you prefer to use, to the end where the buckle fits. Always cut the belt a little longer than you measured-this will allow you to make further adjustments. If you are satisfied with our products and service, please leave us a postive feedback or review; If you are unhappy with our service or any other problem, please feel free to contact us. We will resolve the issue immediately, thank you!

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