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Collecting toys like cars, digital toys, educational toys and more assorted toys to enhance kids’ creativity. To find out more – just click here: Kids and Toys Philippines!

Enjoy an awesome day at the busy City Square! The City Square has a LEGO Store, car dealership, 3 cars, tow truck, LEGO truck, helicopter, tram, tram stop, bike and 12 minifigures. It's buzzing with activity at the City Square! Park your bike at the cozy coffee bar, hop aboard the awesome news helicopter and take to the skies for a bird's-eye view. When you're done flying, call by the LEGO Store where a new delivery has just arrived. Help the driver unload the boxes, place them on the handcart and wheel them into the store. Then check out the cool cars for sale at the dealership showrooms. Help the mechanic operate the car lift and fit a new set of sporty alloy rims. There's just time to buy a hotdog and a newspaper for the journey home, but watch out for the pizza deliveryman on his speedy scooter as you head for the tram stop! Load your bike into the bike compartment, take a seat and watch the world go by as you travel through the LEGO City streets. What an exciting day! This fun-filled building toy includes 12 minifigures with assorted accessories: a tram driver, helicopter pilot, coffee shop saleswoman, pizza deliveryman, car saleswoman, mechanic, tow truck driver, hotdog salesman, LEGO sales person, LEGO delivery driver, a girl and a boy. Also includes 2 LEGO store statues. Features a tram, LEGO Store, LEGO delivery truck, helicopter, car dealership, 3 cars, tow truck, bike, pizza delivery scooter, tram stop, coffee shop, hotdog stand and a newsstand. • Car dealership features 2 showrooms with sliding, transparent doors, 4 alloy wheels and a service center with functioning car lift • LEGO Store features 2 statues, streetlamp and a detailed interior with computer station, boxes and shelves • Accessory elements include a dog, pretzel, 2 sausages, handcart, 4 mugs, hammer wrench, bucket, window cleaning stick and a LEGO bag Read more
*Prices updated on 21 Jul 2017

Kids and Toys Philippines!

Playing with your kids with their toys is the perfect bonding and creating moments, no doubts.

Know more about Toys

Toys are important when it comes to kids growth and teaching them about the world. Toys are designed to provide enjoyment to kids and at the same time, they learned new skills and build up their confidence. Most importantly, Educational toys help the kids mental development. So, parents must buy toys that help kids to use their imaginations, creativity, and social skills. A play set with miniature figures, police cars or interactive toys can help the kids to learn more about their surrounding. And also, building block toys and puzzle, can help the kids to enhance their critical thinking aptitudes.

Toys for Kids | Philippine market

Kids love playing buildings, cars, and airplanes from their favorite movies, TV shows and games. Children love playing toys which allow them to creates a form or shape and most of the technical-minded kids will love making or constructing different forms to their puzzled or bricks toy. Kids and Toys Philippines offer all kinds of toys for all ages from a building set, Mega bloks to Minecraft.

Mega Bloks Builders Learning Train
Let your kids build this Mega bloks train that introduces kids to the numbers 0 to 9, and helps them to learn how to count by matching the numbers with their images!
Digital Toys
Tablets are an extraordinary approach to get your children learning the advanced use of a touch screen. And download an application that suitable for kids, for them play and enjoy!
Car Toys
Let your kids familiarized the cars parts and build it into a different kind of shape like Robot, Motorbike, Shield and more. And playing with this type of cars, is amazing and can be shared with your kid friends.
Puzzle Cube Learning Math Toys
Brainteaser shape toys offer your children some assistance in developing their intuition capacity and think faster. And it's really good to learning Math in an early stage as part of preparation for school.
Doll House Toys
Little girl imagination together with her Doll House toys. Kids can create an active surrounding and create a story out of it.

Toys Philippines safety precaution;

As parents, it is our duty to make sure kids are safe and buying toys is one way of showing loves them. So, before purchasing make sure to know the necessary precaution.

General guidelines to all Parents when shopping for toys:

  • Make sure to check the labels of the toys, if it's flame resistant, non-toxic materials, and lead-free paint.
  • Toys must be safe and involves kid interaction, and can stimulate the kids curiosity and imagination skills.
  • It must be a bit challenging but not frustrating.

Each child has their own favorite toys, which is why iprice offers a wide selection of toys for kids. From building squares to activity figures to dollhouses, we covered it all for you!

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