Lego is one of the biggest brands bringing in building block toys. In the Philippines, Lego has been a famous name for generations. Read more to find out 5 Lego sets you need to have below.


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LEGO 60055 ₱ 2,499.00 Shopee
LEGO Creator Expert Ferrari F40 10248 ₱ 13,900.00 Shopee
LEGO 70906 ₱ 3,999.00 Shopee
LEGO 60144 ₱ 2,963.00 Galleon
LEGO 41150 ₱ 4,722.00 Galleon
LEGO 60214 City Burger Bar Fire Rescue ₱ 2,150.00 Shopee
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5 Lego Sets Every Collector Must Have

In the world of toys, one brand has brought joy and laughter to both adults and children alike. Lego – the ultimate building sets brought into the creative play is one of the biggest names in toys in Philippines. Lego is so popular, people rush to find sets that are considered rare. These rare sets eventually are sold for much more than the original retail price. At one period in time, Lego was considered as a good investment considering its rate of return on investment. But ultimately, Lego building blocks are made for creative thinking and play. Here are 5 Lego sets you must collect.

Lego Star Wars

Probably the biggest movie franchise in Lego’s repertoire, Star Wars brings in certified movie sets. Everything from the prequels to the sequels and even Star Wars canon are available. Some of the best Lego sets from the Star Wars universe prequels are the Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper and Commando sets. You can even get The Force Awakens Tie Fighter Lego sets along with the Snow Trooper Battle Pack and the U-Wing Fighter set.

Other popular Star Wars Lego sets include the Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, Death Star, and AT-AT models. The best way to collect Star Wars Lego models would be to get one of each and display them together like a scene from the movies.

Lego Batman

Lego has recently become big in the DC world thanks to its collaboration with the Batman franchise. Made as a comedic version of the Dark Knight character, Lego Batman has brought many laughs to the DC cinematic universe. Lego Batman’s first appearance in The Lego Movie in 2014 made audiences fall in love with the character. Since then, the Lego Batman character has spawned many sets of collectibles. Fans of the franchise were stoked to hear of the upcoming movie sequel: Lego Batman and built further on the hype. Incredible sets such as the Batmobile are some of the most prized of the Lego Batman collection.

Lego Harry Potter

From the mystical world of Hogwarts comes the fantasy of Harry Potter Lego Sets. Characters from your favourite magical place are brought to life with Lego Harry Potter franchise. Not only the heroes but also the villains in the movies are available for collection and assembling in every set. Collect Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, and Dumbledore and build them from scratch. Get all of them together with the scenery of Harry Potter’s world.

Lego Marvel

Lego has its feet in the DC universe, it also has a say in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Collect all your favourite Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Ant Man, and Yellow Jacket. Each of these comes with its very own props such as Capt America’s jet and the Quinjet. As each new Marvel movie is released, you get a choice of more characters to collect.

Lego City

If movie characters aren’t your forte then Lego City series is what you want. Lego City showcases all the elements needed to build and run a city. From tractors to ships to transporters, Lego City has it all. Collect these scaled-down versions of real-life vehicles, buildings, and tools to build your own Lego City today.