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Dolls are one of the greatest parts of a little girl’s life! They have the power to bring out her caring instincts, become her playmate, her safe companion and even allows her to dive deep into the world of creativity. Want to know more about dolls? Find out here.

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Opposuits Opposuits Shineapple Suit for Men
₱ 5,352.00

The QuestionPop quiz, hot shot! You order a pizza. The delivery guy gets to your place in record time. He rushes to the door, holding that box of sweet, sweet pizza inside. You can smell the delicious scent wafting through the air. You hand him some cash. You hastily grab the box and fling it open. And now, here’s the million dollar question. Are there pineapples on it?There’s a lot of people reading this and vehemently shouting, “No!” right now. If you’re one of them, then you can stop reading right now. This suit is not for you. As much as we’d like to say that this suit is for everyone, it’s really not. This suit is for those who like adventure… and pineapples. You obviously don’t like either of those things and we carry a variety of other suits that might be more your style. To those of you who answered, “yes;” you can keep reading below.We salute you! You are the enlightened group of people who jump headfirst into the unknown. You’re the type of people that understand the balance that must be maintained in life. Just as a Hawaiian pizza maintains the balance between sweet and savory, this OppoSuit Shineapple suit maintains the balance between suave and whimsical. This suit is for you.Product DetailsThis men’s suit comes with a jacket, a pair of matching pants, and a tie. The brilliant pineapple print is contrasted on a blazing blue background to help you ride those good vibes through the whole summer. You can wear it with your favorite dress shirt, or go casual by wearing it with a t-shirt underneath.Give Pineapples a ChanceWear this pineapple suit and no one will ever have to ask you whether you want some pineapples on your pizza. Everyone will already know the answer—a resounding yes! And if you’re a pineapple hater who made it all the way to the end… don’t worry. There’s always time to change. Start by wearing this suit and ordering a pizza with some pineapples on it.

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Starline, LLC. Women's Boardwalk Flapper Costume
₱ 3,746.00

Ever since the origins of our country, we've never been one to sit back and do what everyone tells us. That's how we got our independence, and that's how so many other social movements become so prominent. The Flappers of the 1920s were no exception. Young women who wanted to stand up to traditions and social norms bobbed their hair, drank and smoked, and partied the night away listening to jazz at different night clubs.Just like the young birds who would flap their wings over and over learning to fly, these young ladies were branded "flappers" for their own brand of flapping their wings and learning to fly. It was met with plenty of criticism from more conservative groups and men who didn't feel like the women knew their place, but it didn't stop an entire fashion and cultural movement from spreading across the country and overseas to Europe. These days, flapper girls are throwbacks to another time, but their spirit remains strong. And there's no better way to remember the days of old than with a flapper girl like this one.This particular costume has a 95% polyester 5% spandex blend, has elastic shoulder straps that crisscross in the back, and comes with an elastic headband covered in silver sequins and an upright black feather. You can complete the costume by adding a pair of black or silver heels from our accessory page. Fashions may have changed, but the spirit of independence has not. Celebrate it with this throwback costume!

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Starline, LLC. Women's Seductive Maid Costume
₱ 2,943.00

What’s the best part about a Halloween party? All the dancing, all the games, or all the dancing? It’s really hard to decide on the best part but the worst part of the party is pretty easy to agree on. It is without a doubt the clean-up! Well, now it’s time to add a little fun to cleaning. Toss on this Women’s Seductive Maid Costume and clean up your act a little bit this Halloween.This sassy getup comes with a beautiful short-skirted black dress that has a cute white satin ribbon bow and a white satin lace-edged apron. Along with the dress, you will also have a cute black satin choker as well as a lace-trimmed headband to add to your fun seductive vibe. And how can you do any cleaning if you don’t have any of the right supply? Well, don’t you worry about that because this costume also comes with a handy-dandy feather duster! Now all you need to do in order to complete this outfit is grab a pair of black high-heels and some fishnet stockings or thigh highs. Once you have all the perfect finishing touches for this costume, you’ll be ready for the party and the clean-up this Halloween.Change up the Halloween traditions this time around with some good “clean” fun. Maybe you can even integrate some cleaning into your dance moves! Tell everyone to pop, locking and mop it or to dust a room rather than to bust a move. We’re sure you’re squeaky clean moves will be a crowd favorite!

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Dolls – Her ideal companion to love, feed, comfort and play with

For a girl, there would surely be a phase in her life where she was surrounded by dolls, no matter Barbie dolls or even baby dolls that made her extremely happy. Admit it, even for us adults, if we are to get a little girl a gift, the very first aisle that we would head for would be the dolls rack. These dolls are a significant part of your little girl’s life. It is seen as a connection between the child and the world of grown-ups.

At iprice, we have an incredible selection of dolls for all ages. There are hundreds to choose from to ensure that you little one finds the ideal companion to love, feed, comfort and play with.

Dolls – Why do they only attract little girls

If offered the choice of playing with either a doll or a toy truck, it wouldn’t come as a surprise when your little princess the doll over the truck. No, this is not just because of the way society, for a matter of fact, the society has nothing to do with your child’s decision making choices. Maybe the nurturing instincts are just in her when she was born, where as soon as she starts crawling, she makes a beeline for dolls.

But why dolls? Dolls give your child a chance to learn caring skills, imagination skills by inventing conversation and a whole other story, and create a sense of security. These dolls are her ultimate friends (if she has none) and a soothing companion that allows her to feel safe, hence the reason why she carries her doll with her wherever she goes.

Age appropriate dolls

When your child is growing, it’s extremely important to know their stage of development and the type of dolls that would help in their growing.

  • 0–18 months +:As Baby begins to investigate her new world of shapes and textures and develops essential skills, she needs a snuggly security companion. At this stage, a soft plush toy that is vibrant with a squeezable body would be sufficient.
  • 18 months +:As Baby transitions to the toddler years, she begins to imitate her parents and takes care of her “baby” the way her parents take care of her. But do keep in mind that this age group is still susceptible to choking, so keep any small accessories that comes with the baby doll far away.
  • 2/3 years +:Little girls at this age begin to act out many real-life situations with their dolls: They may become big sister, mother or babysitter. Baby dolls encourage nurturing play and inspire memories young girls will cherish forever.
  • 4 years +:Girls begin to project themselves into their world and start to develop and value friendships. In turn, they are looking for best friend and confidant dolls. At this age, the dolls need to have brushable hair, removable clothes, and high-quality parts that can withstand multiple outings to the park. This is a great stage to introduce her to an 18 inch play doll.

Now that you know the different types of dolls that your kid needs and how it might help her, it’s time to do the shopping. And where else can you get the dolls that come in different shapes and sizes, of different brands and quality but at iprice? So wait no more and get the dolls that she would love here.