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Dolls are one of the greatest parts of a little girl’s life! They have the power to bring out her caring instincts, become her playmate, her safe companion and even allows her to dive deep into the world of creativity. Want to know more about dolls? Find out here.

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FUN Costumes lueless Cher Costume for Women
₱ 3,241.00

"Oh. My God. I'm totally buggin'."Don't worry Cher, we tend to bug out sporadically too. Like for example, when guys wear baggy jeans so their boxers show. Ugh, as if! Like, we may be a traitor to our generation but why not just buy pants that fit? Also, we hate failing our driver's test. We totally know that you paused at that stop sign and we agree, it did come out of nowhere! Don't worry though, you have a lot of great karma coming your way. After all, you played matchmaker perfectly by pairing up Ms. Geist with Mr. Hall and the makeover you gave Tai transformed her into a total Betty. We really admire you using your popularity for a good cause. Go ahead and reward yourself, girl! Take a shopping trip to Rodeo drive because we hear Fred Segal is having a major sale.Product Details and DesignDon't fret, you don't have to go all the way to Beverly Hills to get Cher's designer duds. Now you can get Cher's look from when she gave her debate speech on Haitian refugees and you don't even have to raid her virtual closet in order to do so. Our exclusive Cher costume from the hit 90s movie, Clueless, comes with a plaid pleated skirt, the button up sweater vest, and the matching yellow blazer. Accessorize your ensemble much like Cher would by adding a toy flip phone, white knee-high tights, and a handbag to look like everyone's favorite Valley Girl.Never a Fashion VictimWhile you might not have continuous access to your father's credit card, you can still easily look like L.A.'s finest this Halloween. With pleats and plaid, this costume looks exactly like the one Alicia Silverstone wears in the movie, so don't worry, you're definitely not buggin' because this costume is as close to the real thing as you can get!

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Inc. Cozy Killer Doll Costume for Women
₱ 1,891.00

So who's up for a game of hide the soul? Any takers?One would assume that since she's a doll, she probably has a line of children waiting to play with her. Um, that actually couldn't be further from the truth. This doll is really hard up for playmates, like really desperate. None of the kids want anything to do with with this deadly plaything because she has a small problem: she has an obsession with voodoo and stealing the souls of children.We're not trying to minimize her passion for soul-snatching; we are well aware that it's a Huge issue. Just the other day, we had to stop the toy from summoning the voodoo gods in an attempt to steal poor little Darla's body and gain human form. Yikes, what a fiasco! It took two teacher's aides and the school principal to pull the killer doll off the student!On the other hand, it's also just a doll and an exciting doll at that. Most toys like this just wet their pants or make crying sounds, but this one-of-a-kind plaything will engage in interactive play. If you think your preschooler can fend off the demonic doll's violent outbursts, this toy will make the perfect gift (just think of all the free time you'll get.) However, if you want to play it safe, you can just dress in this cozy killer doll costume and YOU can be the one to play with your youngster. Sure, you'll have less free time but you'll be at ease knowing that your child's soul is nice and safe!

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FUN Costumes Sailor Moon Costume for Women
₱ 2,701.00

Moon Prism POWER!Sailor Moon is the defender of our galaxy against the evil powers of the Negaverse, the Dark Kingdom, and anyone who would dare be mean to kitties or suggest that growing girls shouldn't have that extra portion of cake. She's also just a little bit awkward, occasionally jealous, a periodic crybaby, and, otherwise, the noblest soul that we could ever hope to find! Now, if only we could all agree on what she says when she transforms into Sailor Moon! Between her various transformation devices, whether she has the Silver Crystal or not, and which language we're translating her adventures into, she says a number of different things. The biggest argument is if she should say "Make-Up!" after her "Moon Power" phrase. If you tend to call her civilian form Usagi, you probably think it is a critical component. If you call her Serena, you might not even know of the full phrase! Design & DETAILSWhether you prefer the English dub, original Japanese, or the manga version of Sailor Moon, you'll no doubt have your moves and phrases perfected. But, until you can truly activate the magical transformation, our own Earth-based team of Sailor Designers have this officially licensed Sailor Moon Costume ready for you! This look is fully decked out with high-quality materials to help you outlast the forces of darkness. From the white leotard, blue pleated skirt and sailor flap, and large front and back bows, you've got the Sailor look down pat! The Moon Prism and Tiara complete the look and have you ready for all your adventures.IN THE Name OF THE MOON...You might not even need to warn the forces of evil that you're around to punish them when you show up in this exclusive Sailor Moon costume. With the authentic look straight out of the manga and anime, your transformation is complete and our world is saved!

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FUN Costumes Women's Joan of Arc Costume
₱ 2,701.00 ₱ 3,241.00

What were you up to at age fourteen? Were you agonizing about which sneakers to wear on the first day of school? Were you a brave teen trying out for the school play or track and field? If you were like a typical modern teenager you probably weren't receiving messages from God telling you to lead an army to defend your country from tyranny.Don't feel bad about your seemingly lame early teenage years. Most likely your parents would have preferred your edgy goth phase to talking war plans with God in the garden. It took Joan a few years to get her army. She was eighteen by the time she was leading the French to victory. What was it that you were doing at age eighteen? Oh, picking out sheets for your dorm room and deciding between a psychology and English degree? No, that's cool. We live in different times. Anyway, just in case you didn't know, it turns out little "maid of Orleans" was an awesome military tactician! Hundreds of years later and she still gives us chills. And here's the thing, the charge that took Joan to the stake? Not witchcraft, oh no, dressing like a man. It was the only weak charge they could land her with, that's an intense penalty for wearing pants.You can make up for that wasted youth spent not divinely leading your country to freedom when you don the heroic garb of Joan of Arc. The off white dress is accented with sequined sleeves that look just like chain mail with a little more pizzazz. A dramatic entry will be yours when you show up in the off white cape and tough looking armor and leg gauntlets. Don't be surprised if you're suddenly receiving a couple requests from the big guy upstairs.

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Dolls – Her ideal companion to love, feed, comfort and play with

For a girl, there would surely be a phase in her life where she was surrounded by dolls, no matter Barbie dolls or even baby dolls that made her extremely happy. Admit it, even for us adults, if we are to get a little girl a gift, the very first aisle that we would head for would be the dolls rack. These dolls are a significant part of your little girl’s life. It is seen as a connection between the child and the world of grown-ups.

At iprice, we have an incredible selection of dolls for all ages. There are hundreds to choose from to ensure that you little one finds the ideal companion to love, feed, comfort and play with.

Dolls – Why do they only attract little girls

If offered the choice of playing with either a doll or a toy truck, it wouldn’t come as a surprise when your little princess the doll over the truck. No, this is not just because of the way society, for a matter of fact, the society has nothing to do with your child’s decision making choices. Maybe the nurturing instincts are just in her when she was born, where as soon as she starts crawling, she makes a beeline for dolls.

But why dolls? Dolls give your child a chance to learn caring skills, imagination skills by inventing conversation and a whole other story, and create a sense of security. These dolls are her ultimate friends (if she has none) and a soothing companion that allows her to feel safe, hence the reason why she carries her doll with her wherever she goes.

Age appropriate dolls

When your child is growing, it’s extremely important to know their stage of development and the type of dolls that would help in their growing.

  • 0–18 months +:As Baby begins to investigate her new world of shapes and textures and develops essential skills, she needs a snuggly security companion. At this stage, a soft plush toy that is vibrant with a squeezable body would be sufficient.
  • 18 months +:As Baby transitions to the toddler years, she begins to imitate her parents and takes care of her “baby” the way her parents take care of her. But do keep in mind that this age group is still susceptible to choking, so keep any small accessories that comes with the baby doll far away.
  • 2/3 years +:Little girls at this age begin to act out many real-life situations with their dolls: They may become big sister, mother or babysitter. Baby dolls encourage nurturing play and inspire memories young girls will cherish forever.
  • 4 years +:Girls begin to project themselves into their world and start to develop and value friendships. In turn, they are looking for best friend and confidant dolls. At this age, the dolls need to have brushable hair, removable clothes, and high-quality parts that can withstand multiple outings to the park. This is a great stage to introduce her to an 18 inch play doll.

Now that you know the different types of dolls that your kid needs and how it might help her, it’s time to do the shopping. And where else can you get the dolls that come in different shapes and sizes, of different brands and quality but at iprice? So wait no more and get the dolls that she would love here.