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Geography toys like globes and maps improve children's abstract and critical thinking skills - essential things they should learn as they grow up. If you are in the market for one, learn more about the benefits of these toys here. You can also check out the latest geography toys in the Philippines below!


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Benefits of Geography Toys in the Philippines

Despite the advent of digital technology, there are geography toys that are useful when it comes to educating your children. They often encourage a deeper level of interaction between the child and the object. Not to mention, they help the child enjoy the virtues of learning by him/herself. Globes and maps are two of the most common geography toys that children can play and learn. You will be surprised to see how your child can learn a lot from these toys.

Allows for the Understanding of Relevance and Perspective

When your child starts going to school, it will be a place where they will see their world from a different perspective. Geography toys like globes and maps offer much more than just the simple locations of renowned landmarks and habitats, they also enable kids to develop the sense that they are part of something much larger and vast than their home or neighborhood, figuring out that they are part of a larger world. With these toys, children will desire to learn more about their planet, determining the star that it orbits and other planets in the solar system.

Helps with Comprehension and Problem Solving

Children who read the maps on a globe tend to have better reasoning and problem-solving skills, as maps enable them to track distances. By studying maps, kids not only formulate routes and travel destinations but also develop their self-sufficiency and confidence when coming up with solutions.

Helps Grasp Geography

Depending on which grade, a globe is children's first lesson in geography in the Philippines. These tools are versatile, as they can be used in any grade and are relevant in many fields of learning. They will enable kids to learn about different countries in terms of the bodies of water surrounding them, the mountain ranges, the natural resources, and the effect that the climate has in a particular location. For this reason, Geography is more than about the physical formation on this planet, it also helps kids learn how to use a compass rose, keys, and titles that help with directions.

Bridging Culture with Globes

A globe is a tool that can enhance writing skills by comparing the features of different land forms, average temperatures, and average rainfalls of different locations. Since there is a plethora of maps, kids can organize and classify information, which is an essential skill for all academic topics and subjects.

Maps in the Philippines have been redrawn many times throughout the course of human history, so children can obtain a strong sense of history by delving into antiquated globes and comparing them to more recent models. Advanced topics like political unrest, results from wars, extinction, and internal conflict are just a few reasons maps found on globes are updated. By studying the information from old and new maps, children can see how information has transformed and influenced the globe.

Aside from geography toys, check out these flash cards and habitats toys to develop your child’s cognitive abilities.