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5 DIY Gifts to Celebrate Mother's Day 2018 in the Philippines

25 September 2018 | Febriana Ramadhanya

You can always stick to your store-bought bouquets, spa-day coupons, or boring jewelry, but for Mother's Day in 2018, it's time to step up your gift-giving game a notch.

Just like most places all over the world, Mother's Day 2018 in the Philippines falls on the 13th of May, plenty of time for you to prepare these DIY gift your mom will greatly appreciate. Here are some simple DIY gift ideas to surprise your moms with for this Mother's Day.

DIY Flower Bouquets

A bouquet of flowers is one of the most common gifts given not just for Mother's Day, but for any occasion. Nevertheless, you can always add a little bit of personal touch to your floral surprise. To make your bouquets more special, you can arrange and pick your own flowers that symbolize your appreciation for your mother.

Just like gemstones, each flower has their own meanings. The flowers below are what's most suitable to celebrate your mother's dedication and love for this year's Mother's Day.



Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise flowers are also known as Crane flowers and features a unique shape that will certainly stand out in your bouquet. This flower symbolizes magnificence and joyfulness.


Carnation generally celebrates one's pride, beauty, and love but different colors symbolize different meanings. Red means love, pride, and admiration, pink symbolizes a woman's love, and white means pure love and innocence.


Chrysanthemum is often referred to as "mums" which makes this a perfect addition to your bouquet. It symbolizes love, joy, optimism, long life, and fidelity.


Giving your mother a bouquet full of daisies means you appreciate her purity, loyal love, and innocence.


If you want to celebrate your mother's dedication towards raising you and your family, you can send her a bouquet of sunflowers which signifies dedicated love and adoration.

To make your bouquet, choose the type of flowers listed above; you can opt to stick to one type of flower or a variety of them. Then, de-thorn your flowers with shears to make arranging easier. Pick your center flowers and surround them with various foliage to fill the gaps between flowers. Keep on gathering your florals together until it forms a bunch and secure it with twine and decorative lace or ribbon. Don't forget to add your Mother's Day message before surprising her with this DIY bouquet.

Hanging Mood Boards

If you've ever been on Pinterest or Tumblr, surely you must be familiar with visual mood boards. Mood boards can contain any visual inspiration in the form of quotes, pictures, or art that convey the same message or mood. Through a Mother's Day mood board, your mom will always be reminded of your love and appreciation for her.

For your Mother's Day DIY mood board, you'll need a picture frame with an empty canvas or an empty corkboard. You will also need to print out your pictures, Mother's Day quotes or messages, and other decorative craft pieces like stickers, dried flowers, etc. Arrange your pictures and Mother's Day greetings on the board before securing them with glue or thumbtacks. Fill in the empty spaces with stickers, dried flowers, ribbons, laces, paintings, or any other decoration before framing them.

DIY Graphic Bag Straps

Image courtesy of theperennialstyle

Instead of blowing your budget on a branded gift like a Chanel or Louis Vuitton bag, you can make a DIY bag strap that your mom can use with her favorite purse. It's also a plus that graphic bag straps have been trending since late 2017 so with this gift, your mom can be chic and you can save some cash at the same time.

For this project, you will need an old belt, decoration of your choice (either studs or Valentino-inspired jacquard trims), lobster hooks, fabric glue, hole punch, and scissors. Begin by applying the studs or jacquard trims on your old, unused belt with the fabric glue. Then, use the scissors and hole punch to create holes on both ends of the belt for the lobster hooks. Attach the hooks and your DIY graphic bag strap is ready to be gifted!

Homemade Candle

A homemade candle is a great way to incorporate your mother's favorite scents or essential oils into your gift. To make this project easier, there are candle-making kits out there that will provide the base ingredients necessary to make your homemade candles.

Prepare your essential oils, wax base (we recommend the candle-making kit from CandleScience), containers for molding your wax, and wick. Follow the instructions on the candle-making kit and add the essential oils and additional coloring after the wax has melted. Add the wick before the wax is set and leave it to harden. If you're unsure which essential oils or scents to choose, here's a simple guide.




Improves mood, promotes relaxation, and enhances brain function.


Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes spiritual enlightenment, and boosts immunity.

Tea Tree

Possess antibacterial properties, filters pathogens from the air, and strengthen the immune system.


Purifies the body from toxins, improves respiratory health, and acts as energy and immune booster.


Enhances focus, reduces headaches, boosts energy, and clears the respiratory system.

A Homecooked Meal

There's nothing more DIY than a homecooked meal, and this is perhaps one of the easiest DIY projects you can take on for Mother's Day in the Philippines. Simply find out what your mom's favorite dishes are (you should know that by now), create a 3-course meal (or more) and invite her to a surprise lunch or dinner.

To help cut your prepping time in half, you can get pre-made bases like cakes (we recommend Red Ribbon's square cakes) that you can ice yourself with Mother's Day quotes on top. And to top it all off, give her a day off by doing all the chores and cleaning after the feast!

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