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Family-Friendly Activities for Holy Week 2018 in the Philippines

22 March 2018 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Holy Week 2018 will be one of the most important and busiest holidays in the Philippines. Since most of the population are Catholics, Filipinos take this week, including Easter Sunday, very seriously.

The tradition during this week-long religious festivity varies from region to region; some would go to masses throughout the week while others reenact important biblical moments in the streets and makeshift stages. However, there are more family-friendly Holy Week and Easter activities that you can do with your children that are educational and fun at the same time. Below are 4 fun and easy activities you can do with your family.

1. Hold your own Easter egg arts & crafts party

Easter is not Easter without an egg hunt. A great family-friendly activity to involve your kids in is by creating your own Easter eggs and holding your own egg-hunting party. For this arts and crafts party, you will need to prepare plain egg toys that you can decorate using paint, glitter, or beads.

Inside the Easter eggs, you can put small candies or chocolates as a gift for the children. Big chocolate brands like Cadbury would sell products specifically made for this holiday like , chocolate bunnies, and more. You can also mix the chocolate prizes with miniature toys and figurines to really make the holidays more festive.

2. Set a fun and educational story time

Although there will be Easter special programmings airing during this time, letting your kids stare at the television all weekend is not such a good idea. Why not try to educate the children about the values for Holy Week yourself? Teach your children the history of Jesus Christ, how to value his sacrifice, as well as how to celebrate his resurrection and ascension.

Use children's books that tell the tales of Jesus Christ and his disciples to make learning more fun. To make this activity even more engaging for your children, also try to dress up using costumes as any characters from the story (Virgin Mary, Jesus himself, etc.).

3. Stock up on food

Since most shops and malls will be closed starting on Thursday, it's better if you and your family start stocking up on groceries. This includes making meals in advance that can be frozen and reheated. A great snack that you can make ahead is Lumpiang Shanghai or fried spring rolls. All you need are spices you can already find in your kitchen, veggies, eggs, and the wrappers. Keep them in the freezer until you're ready to fry the spring rolls. Since many Catholics abstain from consuming meat during this time, you can omit that and substitute it with seafood or more vegetables. The process of cooking this is also simple, and you can get your kids involved in the preparation.

If you're too lazy to go out and grocery shop, you can always buy your food and desserts from local stores before they close on Thursday. Stores like Red Ribbon Philippines also provide delivery of your baked goods and desserts right to your doorstep. Red Ribbon carries traditional pastries like puto that's typically eaten during the Easter celebrations.

4. Go on a family trip

Most Filipinos take this time to visit the many beaches in the country and there's no harm in following this unofficial tradition. Bring your whole family on a road trip to the beach, near or far, to truly take advantage of this long weekend. Go to a secluded beach if you want to avoid crowds like Tikling Beach in Sorsogon, Malcapuya Island in Palawan, or Sarandani in Mindanao.

No matter which beachy destination you choose, always prepare the necessary items like sunblock, plenty of water, sunglasses, the appropriate beachwear, and basic first aid. Who knows? Maybe one of these secluded beaches can be the perfect venue for your Easter egg-hunt slash arts and crafts party.

Hopefully, these four family-friendly activities will help you fill Holy Week 2018, including Easter Sunday, with lots of joy, fun, and a newfound appreciation for Jesus Christ. Do you have any other fun family-friendly activities to do over the Holy Week or Easter Sunday? Leave your suggestions down below!

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