Frustrated with how he dresses? Here’s how you can give your boyfriend a makeover with Zara man essentials.

14 August 2017 | Jillian Cheong

You love your boyfriend, but you can’t stand the way he dresses. Thus, the best way to show your love for him is to give him a fashion makeover.

No matter how fashion savvy you are, building a wardrobe from scratch for the man in your life might be cumbersome. If your significant other does not have an ounce of fashion sense take a look at the few wardrobe essentials from the Zara man collection in Philippines so that you can immensely change up his style!

Zara men’s jacket

From denim to suede, Zara Philippines has a range of jackets for you to choose from. Nonetheless, an essential leather jacket is all you need to revamp his wardrobe. This is because; the classic piece will never go out of style. An alternative to the leather jacket is the more toned down bomber jacket. The style looks good on literally everyone, because the silhouette of the bomber jacket has a classic fit just like the leather jacket.

Zara men’s suit

You man’s wardrobe will not be complete without a suit. Suits have always been associated with power. So if you want your man to look confident in his clothing, get him a suit. Zara men’s suit comes in a variety of colours, but it is advisable to go for safer tones such as navy blue, black, and grey. If a suit is too far-fetched, a simple solid coloured blazer is enough to be worn to a more formal occasion as well as the workplace. You can also match with your blazer with your guy with Zara blazers for women.

Zara men’s oxford shirt

This is probably one of the most versatile clothing item you can get for your man particularly if it is in white. The reason is that you never go wrong with the timeless, classic colour. There will always be an occasion for the need of an oxford shirt. Although the white oxford shirt gets passed over for other colorful designs, you can never disregard the white oxford shirt.

Zara men’s slim fit jeans

When it comes to a good pair of jeans, it should not be too tight or too loose and should fit nicely against the legs. Pick a colour that is naturally blue so that it would be easier for your man to pair it with casual or formal wear. It can either be paired with dress shoes and a blazer or sneakers and a t-shirt. It will still look great no matter which style your man opts to go for.

Zara men’s chinos

Jeans are not only the pair of pants a man should own as chinos work well as a semi-casual substitute. On the other hand, it is a versatile piece of garment that can be worn with literally any top. Typically, chinos are khaki coloured but with the evolution of fashion, the bolder the colour choices have become. If your boyfriend is not confident wearing more audacious colours, you can simply stick with the plain ol’ khakis.

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