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Go Swimming on Your First Date with These Waterproof Sephora Makeup

03 August 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

“Take her swimming on the first date” comes from a meme so people can see their partners’ bare faces when the makeup washes off. These people surely don’t know that waterproof makeup from Sephora exists that no pool can easily wash away.

If you’re currently in the dating pool, all puns intended, you might come across a prospective partner who’d invite you out the pool for the first date. Worry not as a true waterproof makeup will stubbornly stick to your face and it will take more than just chlorinated pool water to take it all off. With these five makeup products from the Sephora Collection, going swimming on your first date should be a clean, smudge-free breeze.

As Sephora Philippines’s own brand, the Sephora Collection offers a more affordable alternative with items going as low as PHP 400. Not only their waterproof products perform extremely well, they won’t hurt your wallet either.

"waterproof makeup... will take more than just chlorinated pool water to take it all off"

Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner

This long-lasting retractable waterproof eyeliner comes in 11 neutral and summery shades including Shimmer Navy, Matte Moss, Teal, Purple, and Turquoise. The shades have either a matte or glittery finish so you can play around with the summery date look you’re trying to achieve. The liner has a creamy texture, making it extremely easy to apply and smudge-proof. It also comes with a smudge tip to smoke out your liner.

Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume Waterproof Mascara

Usually, when one takes a dip in the pool with a face full of makeup, mascara would be the first thing to go. It leaves nasty black streaks down your face and the only to clean it off is to take your makeup off along with it. Avoid looking like Olga Pataki from Hey Arnold with this waterproof Sephora mascara that gives you literal outrageous curls and volume along with its waterproof formula.

Sephora Collection 10HR Wear Perfection Foundation

Mixing cakey foundation with chlorinated water can result in a makeup disaster that’s why you need to find something lightweight yet long-lasting. This Sephora foundation has an impressive 10-hour staying power without turning cakey at the end of the day. It’s able to even out the skin tone without any color corrector underneath. Blemishes, scars, and dark spots can easily be covered up with this super long-lasting Sephora foundation. Other than that, this foundation is available in 19 shades so you won’t ever have a hard time finding the perfect one for your skin tone.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain

This Sephora lipstick have become so many makeup lovers’ favorites due to its staying power and non-drying quality. You will rarely need to reapply your lipstick throughout the day because of its silky and lightweight composition. It contains avocado oil and vitamin E so it won’t dry your lip yet stays on when you take that dip in the pool. Available in 23 stunning shades with a satin, matte, or shimmery finish.

Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

After your swimming date, the waterproof makeup needs to be go with a potent makeup remover. Simply using makeup remover wipes is not enough as most waterproof makeup requires oil for it to be removed completely. This Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover has cornflower extract and HydroSenn+, a plant-based moisturizing agent. It’s gentle on the skin and requires no pressure at all when removing the waterproof makeup, leaving the skin smooth and free of irritation.

So, the next time some boy asks you out to swim on the first date, you’d know what his intentions are. Prepare yourself and put on these waterproof Sephora makeup products and fool him even more.

Sephora Collection Makeup in Philippines

Instead of blowing your budget on other makeup brands in Sephora, the Sephora Collection is much more affordable and it still offers you the same level of slayage. Check out the Sephora makeup below!

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