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iPhone 6 is The Philippines’ Most Popular iPhone Not 8 and X

06 November 2017 | Angela Gratela

Last September 13, Apple unveiled its most anticipated flagships iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X which coincided with its 10th year anniversary. With its full retail prices of less than 1,000 USD – the most expensive iPhone to date, there is a growing market for less priced older iPhone models.

To understand the Philippines’ market interest for iPhone, iPrice Group conducted a Google Search comparative analysis using the search terms: “price of iPhone 5”, “price of iPhone 6”, “price of iPhone 7”, “price of iPhone 8” and “price of iPhone X” for the past 30 days (8/27-9/27) filtering Philippines in Google Trends. By doing so, we were able to extract data for search interest rate overtime and “geomap” which represents the search interest of every Philippine regions.

Our key findings imply that there is a collective regional interest in the country for iPhone 6 while some low earning regions are also interested in iPhone 7 and 8. Out of the 14 Philippine regions in the country 11 of which search for the price of iPhone 6 more than any other iPhone model. Bicol Region is the single region interested only in iPhone 8 while Cordillera and Ilocos Regions both shows the same interest level for iPhone 7 (Cordillera Region) and iPhone 8(Ilocos Region) aside from iPhone 6.

The Hype For iPhone 8 And X Only Lasted For Three Days After Its Launch

Prior the launch of iPhone 8 and X, the most searched iPhone model in the country is iPhone 6. That’s according to Philippines’ Google search interest from September 7 until the 12th.

Interestingly, even after the launch of iPhone 8 and X, iPhone 6 still has the most search interest. The only time iPhone X spiked more than iPhone 6 was three consecutive days (September 13 to 15), after its launched date (September 13, 2017). From September 16 to 27, iPhone 6 had the most number of search interest.

iPhone X is the priciest iPhone model (51,313 php) to date, hence Filipinos are drawn to iPhone 6 which only retails for 25,663 php and still could depreciate (following the launch of iPhone 8 and X). Meanwhile, for its latest line, Filipinos are only interested in iPhone 8 model which retails for 35,949 php.

As iPhone flagships continue to increase in prices every year, Filipinos seem to be drawn in the less-priced iPhone variants. Looking at the minimum monthly (at least 21 working days) salary in the Philippines which is only about 5,103 to 9,975 php. An average earning (of 5,103 php) Filipino must work for at most 106 working days to afford an iPhone 6 while for iPhone X it’s at most 212 working days!

Cordillera, Ilocos And Bicol Region Also Opt For iPhones 7 And 8 Despite Being Low Earning Regions

In terms of the breakdown of search interest results for iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 and X models in country suggest that 11 regions namely: Cagayan Valley, Eastern Visayas, Zamboanga Peninsula, Central Luzon, CALABARZON, Metro Manila, Northern Mindanao, Davao Region, Central Visayas, Western Visayas and Region XII are all interested only in iPhone 6 more than any other iPhone models.

Only the Bicol Region showed an interest in iPhone 8 despite having the fourth (4 out of 14 regions) lowest minimum wage (280.00 to 290.00 php/day) and the sixth highest (6 out of 14 regions) poor household (40 percent of its population) in the country.

Metro Manila, the most progressive region in the country, opt for an older version despite having the highest minimum wage (475.00 to 512.00 php/day) and the lowest poor household (only 10 percent of its population) in the country.

Meanwhile, Ilocos and Cordillera Administrative Regions, are as interested in the brand-new iPhone 7 and 8 models as iPhone 6. Although Ilocos Region and Cordillera Region have low poor household rates (24 and 25 percent of its population respectively), both have the two lowest minimum wages (243.00-₱280.00 php/day and 270.00-₱300.00 php/day respectively) in the country.

With the overall small purchasing power of an average Filipino consumer, the market for older iPhone models is much preferred by Filipino consumers who can’t otherwise purchase the latest iPhone models.

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