Hello Kitty Reveals a New Collaboration and it's Colossal

02 October 2017 | MJ Mendoza

We know Japan can get a little bit weird but nothing is weirder (in a good way!) than a Hello Kitty x Godzilla collaboration. If there's any character that symbolizes Japan, it's Hello Kitty and Godzilla so it only makes sense that these two iconic characters collaborate. It will perhaps be the least expected sentence that you will hear today "Hello Kitty is collaborating with Godzilla".

To mark the release of the famous behemoth's new movie Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters movie which is coming out this November, Sanrio has created a number of illustrations with Hello Kitty. Godzilla is also depicted with other Sanrio characters such as the Twin Stars, Pompompurin, and Melody.

Aside from illustrations, merchandise will also be released such as T-shirts, keychains, badges, and even smartphone cases!

Fans of the two characters are celebrating while the rest of us are just confused. Either way, looks like Godzilla is going to have a makeover for this collaboration. Instead of the usual rough appearance, he's (or it's) going to be chibi-sized and donning a cute red bow.

The cat definitely got our tongue with this new collaboration! If you're an avid Hello Kitty fan, you should check out the items below.

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