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How to Select a Nerf Gun for Young Kids

16 October 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Some parents would not let their young kids play with toy guns, as they are believed to sow seeds of violence. But that isn’t the case for Nerf guns since they are made to be harmless for kids who love action gaming, allowing them to experience a feeling of heroism as well as keeping them happy while playing with friends.

If you’re in the market for a Nerf gun for your small child, here are some specific features to keep in mind, narrowing down your selection.

Right Size and Weight

Young kids should be able to play their Nerf gun freely without struggling to carry it around. With that, you should choose the right type of Nerf gun. Avoid ones that are large since they can be bulky and require your kid to use two hands to carry them around. Not to mention, they affect your child’s natural coordination, causing them to fall more frequently. For this reason, it’s best to go for pistols that won’t cause any size and weight issues. With a pistol, your child won’t have problems carrying it around and won’t feel awkward to play with. This also enables them to run with ease without limiting their movements.

Easy to Reload

When buying a Nerf gun, it’s important that you choose a model that will be easy for your child to play with. With that, you need to pay close attention to how it loads. Do not choose one that is too complicated to use to avoid situations in which you would have to assist your child every time he/she wants to reload the gun. Instead, go for pistols that come with a front load option, allowing your kids to load darts right into the barrel of the gun. This feature makes it much easier for your child, as it saves him/her the trouble of reloading the weapon.

Easy to Operate

Another aspect where you want to keep it simple is how the gun operates. Check how the gun’s blaster is activated; make sure it has priming handles that are found on the back of the weapon or bottom of the handle as they are easier to use for kids. Priming handles that are set up that way are great for kids as they can grip them easily and enable them to use their upper body to pull on them.

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