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10 Ridiculously Expensive Mobile Phones as of August 2018

06 August 2018 | MJ Mendoza

Mobile phones have evolved from being a “want” to a “need”. Whether for communication, entertainment, traveling, and more, smartphones have become a crucial part of modern living. For these gadgets, people do spend a handful just to get the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. However, there are some that take it to the extreme with a single unit enough to spend for a lifetime.

Yes, you would see iPhones on this list but it is not what you would expect. Here are the most expensive phones as of August 2018.

Vertu Signature Diamond ($88,000)

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Vertu has been a brand known for creating “luxury” mobile phones with this specific model first released in 2005. Even after 13 years, this model is still considered amongst the most expensive phones money could buy. It looks like your regular mobile phone back in the early 2000s but covered in 200+ pink diamonds and weighs 166g.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot ($95,000)

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It takes more than a lucky trip to Vegas to be able to afford this phone. At its first released in 2010, it is priced from $1 million but has since plummeted to $95,000 (like with most smartphones) which is still pretty expensive. It is made from 200-year-old African Blackwood and a thin frame made from 180g of gold. Furthermore, it has 17 hand-polished and laser-etched 32K sapphires.

iPhone Princess Plus ($175,000)

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Even the Duchess of Cambridge would think twice of purchasing this iPhone. Though Apple just became the first company to value at 1 trillion, you wouldn’t think that they would go to the extreme. This iPhone is designed by famed Austrian Jeweler and designer Peter Aloisson. The phone is decorated with 317 17.75K white diamonds and 18K gold on the rim. Besides that, it functions like a normal iPhone 3G.

Black Diamond Vipin ($300,000)

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If ever you’re looking for something extra on your phone, Black Diamond always has something for you. Known for creating “lifestyle” skins made from gold and precious stones. This model, on the other hand, is decorated with two diamonds: one situated on the body, and another on the navigation buttons. Overall, it looks like a Sony Ericsson phone with a 400mhz processor and weighs 166g.

Vertu Signature Cobra ($310,000)

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Another entry from Vertu, this phone is something you have never seen before. It has a King Cobra design at the front that coils the corners of the keypads. It has a diamond and ruby variety but both with emerald snake eyes. In addition, this phone is enamored with 22K gold buttons and rims. This phone looks like something Taylor Swift would use.

Goldvish Le Million ($1,200,000)

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The most expensive phone of 2006, the Goldvish Le Million is what happens when you have too much money you don’t know what to spend it on. It is made from 18K white gold and 20K white diamonds. It has an odd banana shape which makes it quite the phone (ugly). There are only three units available (thank God).

Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($1,300,000)

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Another entry on our ridiculously expensive smartphone is the Diamond Crypto Smartphone which is priced at $1,300,000 or P6.9 million. This phone is also a work of jeweler Peter Aloisson decorated with 50 diamonds (10 of which are blue diamonds) with a gold alloy and platinum. What makes this phone extra special is its powerful encryption technology that provides security against blackmail, kidnapping, and financial racketeers. If you can afford this phone, then you are practically at risk with the aforementioned crimes.

King’s Button iPhone 3G ($2,500,000)

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Hitting the $2 million mark, the King’s Button iPhone is an iPhone 3G with 138 diamonds with the home button being a massive 6.6K white diamond. Furthermore, it has 18K yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. It functions like an iPhone 3G with 3.5-inches of screen and 300h standby time.

Gold Sticker iPhone 3G 32GB ($3,000,000)

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Another iPhone 3G with an exorbitant price tag, this Gold Sticker iPhone was first launched in 2009. All corners of the phone are covered in 136 white diamonds and 22K Kashmir Gold. Like with the King’s Button iPhone, this model has 7.1K diamond for its home button.

Diamond Rose iPhone 32GB ($ 8,000,000)

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Probably the most expensive phone as of August 2018, the Diamond Rose iPhone was first announced in 2017. The sides are handmade and decorated with 500 diamonds which total to 100 karats. The back is made from rose gold along with 52 diamonds that enamor the Apple logo. The home button is made from platinum along with a single-cut 7.4K pink diamond. If you happen to have $ 8,000,000 lying around to purchase this phone, it comes in with a single-cut imperial pink granite box with Nubuck top-grain leather. You can’t be anymore extra than that.

Just when you thought the iPhone X is the most expensive phone model out there, someone always finds a way to be extra. To be honest, these phones don’t even look as sleek and futuristic as the “normal” phone models that we have (except maybe for the last one).

Let us know what you think in the comment section below! If you could afford one of these phones, which model would you purchase?

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