Blackberry Keyone Updates in the Philippines

05 February 2018 | Reymart Sarigumba

Unlocked BlackBerry KEYOne Release, Pushed Back

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If you’re eyeing the new BlackBerry KEYOne, you might have to hold onto your money for now. According to TCL, the manufacturer of the BlackBerry KEYone, the plan to release the unlocked version of the device will be pushed back until early later this month instead of the end of June. This setback was due to the carrier demand that TCL has to meet, which also includes the expanded availability at certain carriers in the US and Canada. The device will be priced at 565 USD for the unlocked version, that’s P29,000, RM2450, and SGD 775 respectively in terms of pricing here in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, first-hand reviews about the phone have already taken over the internet, and for those who don't have one yet, you might want to hear what users have to say so that you’ll have an insight whether it’s worth your money or not.

According to Matthew Miller from ZDNet, after a month of using the BlackBerry KEYOne:

”It is easy to see how this mid-level specced device serves as a productive daily driver for enterprise customers. It’s been a joy to use and the classy looking device fits perfectly at the office.”

He added that it’s a phone that you can use as much as you want or need without having to worry about getting it til the end of the day with a single charge. That means, its battery life will be one of the bests that you could get right now in the market.

Another review from the same website says that it’s a niche device for business users who need a physical key to have a complete “business” smartphone experience. Despite that, the review also says that it’s not a smartphone that will give you the fastest user experience considering its price, but it gets the job done and its battery life is what’s to love about this phone.

As a niche device that we have yet to see in the market today, it’s hard not to be interested in thing device. Whether or not this will bring BlackBerry back to its glory days, this device is surely one for the books.

BlackBerry KEYone Still Gets Support from WhatsApp

As it was announced last year, WhatsApp stated that they will eliminate all forms of support for any device running the Blackberry Operating System. By the end of June of this year, BlackBerry handsets like the BlackBerry 10 shall no longer run the popular messaging platform. However, recently, WhatsApp has given BlackBerry a second chance, hence extending support till the last quarter of 2017. Devices that run the Blackberry Operating System like the BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 can temporarily use WhatsApp. While Blackberry’s latest handsets like the KEYone and Aurora that run on Android Operating System won’t be affected by this development.

BlackBerry’s return in the mobile arena

Blackberry was one of the renowned smartphone brands in the world, offering originally designed tablets and smartphones. It peaked in 2013 when there were over 80 million Blackberry subscribers all over the world. During that time, tech giants of late like Samsung and Apple didn’t want to keep up with it as many users wanted to own a Blackberry handset with a QWERTY keyboard.

A couple of years later, smartphone brands that incorporate the Android and iOS operating systems began to release top-of-the-line handsets, with Blackberry losing interest for innovation and fading into obscurity. Blackberry was supposed to replace its obsolete OS platform with the BlackBerry 10 – a more innovative system that is designed for modern users. However, in 2015, despite their determination to compete with big smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple, they failed to keep up and began losing support from many popular apps. Now, the Blackberry is back in the smartphone arena with the BlackBerry KEYOne, harnessing one of the most pertinent operating systems – the Android. The KEYONe is now available in South East Asian markets for 2,688 RM (which converts to 869 SGD, 31489 PHP, and 4887 HKD).

BlackBerry KEYOne’s Detaching Screen, the Next “Bendgate”?

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Weeks after its official launch, the major comeback phone of BlackBerry which is the BlackBerry KEYONE has already faced another hurdle with their new flagship device. A durability test done by a Youtuber is making rounds on the internet recently showing an issue which could pretty much follow the footsteps of the iPhone’s “bendgate” situation.

In the case of the BlackBerry KEYOne, it seems like the phone has some trouble holding its parts together, making its screen to easily pop out away from the phone’s entire hardware. There were also reports from BlackBerry KEYOne users in a BlackBerry forum claiming that the screen easily gets detached from the body even with just minor drops.

The said video can be seen below. , according to the video of the YouTuber JerryRigEverything.

However, CNET, a well-renowned tech product review site conducted their own test, and they were able to confirm the said issue. However, the test conducted were pretty extreme, for the sake of gauging the overall durability of a smartphone the measures were nothing close to the physical strain that our phone goes through on a daily basis.

In their test, they dropped a BlackBerry KEYOne ten times on carpet and times on wood, then forcibly bent the phone in full force. The result was as expected - the phone’s screen got detached from its body. Such rigorous test will break a phone one way or the other, the way they break however depends on how they were built. For the case of the BlackBerry KEYOne, it seems like its overall build’s weakness is the adhesion of its screen to its body.

It’s worth noting that said issue only happened under the rigorous handling of the phone. Thus, it’s safe to say that users won’t really face such problem upon regular use. Just like every smartphone (or every gadget), there is, they come with their own physical limits. If you don’t want to end up on your phone’s bad side, you can always choose to handle it with care.

Durability tests, however, will tell the kind of physical limitation that you could expect from your gadget, especially after a long period of use. And, for the BlackBerry KEYOne, it’s this one.

BlackBerry KeyOne is the BlackBerry that we deserve

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Once upon a time, BlackBerry was used to be the brand that is associated with success and prestige. No matter what you wear, your BlackBerry could still tell the whole world that you were a VIP. That was then, the current BlackBerry is eager to reinvent itself as a dominant force once more. In its endeavor, BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry KeyOne smartphone that brings back the feature that everyone has been looking forward to - a physical keyboard.

Even to this day, people usually associate BlackBerry with its signature physical keyboard. With the BlackBerry KeyOne, it just feels like coming home especially among long-time BlackBerry users and fans. As the proud element of the BlackBerry KeyOne, the physical keyboard gives you the true BlackBerry experience. Now, you will be able to navigate your way around and enjoy some typing suggestions. Amazingly, you can also program up to 52 shortcuts which are handy in all situations. As if it is not enough, your Spacebar can be programmable with its fingerprint sensor.

Aside from its incredible physical keyboard, the BlackBerry Aurora also boasts a smooth OS as well. Despite using Android OS, BlackBerry has been sensible to incorporate BlackBerry's signature software into it. Basically, it works seamlessly as you can enjoy the BlackBerry Hub. With the return of its physical keyboard and its own unique software, this BlackBerry Aurora will shine like its well-suited name.

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