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Every Traveller Needs This New Digital Earphones from Google

20 October 2017 | MJ Mendoza

Technology continues to break boundaries; this time, with language. Perhaps the biggest technology company in the world, Google has released a new set of digital earphones that would take Google Translate to the next level. If you're a traveller, whether for business or leisure, then these new Google earphones would be a must-have.

Almost two weeks ago, the tech giant Google - known for their search engine and various tech products including maps, and e-mail, has set the notch up higher with the announcement of new gadgets. They announced the second generation of Pixel phones as well as voice-enabled home speakers, an action camera, and wireless earbuds.

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Speaking of earbuds, this one does more than letting you listen to your playlist on Spotify. Aside from the usual specs of a typical Bluetooth in-ear earphone, this stuff is what the future is about and many frequent-flyers and jetsetters are lining up for it.

The Pixel earbuds - as it is officially named, is Google's answer to Apple's AirPods. Not only does it let you listen to music, you can also access Google Assistant (which is Google's Siri) and enable real-time translation of up to 40 foreign languages. With these earbuds, you don't have to cram in your phone and type in phrases on Google Translate. Whether ordering a plate of pasta in Italian or asking for directions in Japanese, it's a mighty feat for a gadget that can fit in your pockets.

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According to product manager Adam Champy, “it’s like you’ve got your own personal translator with you everywhere you go”. All you need to do is hold down a button on the right earbud and ask the Assistant to translate the language spoken. As you talk, your Pixel phone's speaker will play the translation. When the person responds, you will hear a translation directly from your earbuds.

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Although this new product sounds ground-breaking, Google is not the first to develop a translation device. Earlier this year, Waverly Labs unveiled the Pilot Translating Experience which can translate phrases in five different languages in real-time.

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Another issue that the Pixel earbuds is facing is the accuracy of the translation. Anybody who has used Google Translate knows that sometimes translation can be too literal or sometimes, inappropriate. You wouldn't want to have a bad impression in a foreign country while trying to communicate with the locals.

Regardless of current faults, the Pixel earbuds is still a prototype and like with all gadgets, it is bound to improve. Google's new earbuds are taking a step further into breaking language barriers and it's something everyone is looking forward to.

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If you want to get your hands on these Pixel earbuds, it will be released this November within the US, Singapore, Australia, the UK, and Canada for USD$159. But, first thing's first, you have to find a phone that would match such a powerful Bluetooth headphone; find one below.

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