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Justifying the iPhone 8's Price Tag: The Most Expensive iPhone Ever?

15 August 2017 | Jonathan So

The iPhone 8 smartphone is expected to be the most expensive smartphone when it launches in only-God-and-Apple-knows-when. The big question remains: Will the phone be worth its exorbitant price?

In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple is due to introduce the forthcoming iPhone 8 with radical changes. Although Apple has always been big on secrecy, rumours and leaks have been circulating online, giving us a glimpse of the iPhone 8. It is safe to say that the iPhone 8 will sport big changes and many new features that are not present in its predecessors. Below are some features (courtesy of leaks) that might justify why you should get yourself an iPhone 8:

Minimal Bezel Design

When the firmware for the upcoming HomePod speaker was released, developer Guilherme Rambo was curious as the HomePod is not scheduled for release until December. Digging further, Rambo found information to confirm that the iPhone 8 will feature an entirely new look with minimal bezel design. This is one of the biggest bombshell in Apple leaks in years – and it came from the horse’s mouth itself. The iPhone 8’s is likely to stretch from one end to another, including from top to bottom (as seen in the image above that Rambo uploaded on Twitter). Although Apple cannot lay claim that the iPhone is the first flagship to feature a minimal bezel design nor the one to popularise the design (the honours go to LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 respectively), it can certainly compete in terms of aesthetics, especially with…

Absence of Physical Home Button

The removal of the bezels is only a portion of the design information found hidden in the firmware. The iPhone 8 will also be without the Home button, a significant feature present in all iPhone models to date. Instead, the smartphone is expected to come with a virtual home button with integrated Touch ID. With these design changes, the iPhone 8 will diverge from the normal design norm and sport an improved outlook appearance, making it look even more sleek and stylish.

The iPhone 8 will also be without the Home button, a significant feature present in all iPhone models to date.

Facial Recognition Unlocking

Sourced from the leak released by Apple itself, Steven Troughton-Smith, iOS developer has also discovered that the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature an infra-red face unlocking feature. This could serve as a replacement or an addition to the fingerprint sensor as a method to unlock your phone. Giving the iPhone 8 an even more futuristic vibe, the face-scanning unlock feature is claimed to be one of the main culprits behind the spike in the iPhone 8’s price tag.

As this is a never-before-seen feature on the iPhone, it will be unable to measure to what extent will the facial recognition feature work. Will it still be able to recognise you after you have gotten a new haircut or an unfortunate scar on the face? Better make sure that you get that face lift before you purchase the phone! If it is able to perform its job well, however, it can serve as a useful security measure to the iPhone’s safety features.

OLED Display

According to reports by The Wall Street Journal and Nikkei Asian Review, the next flagship is almost certain to have an OLED display, a huge upgrade from the LCD screens that Apple has been using for its iPhones. This will make the iPhone 8 a legitimate rival to the Samsung Galaxy 8 in terms of display quality (the battle of giants is on, people!). The improved screen translates to better contrast, more vibrant colours, and a battery-saving always-on display.

The improved screen translates to better contrast, more vibrant colours, and a battery-saving always-on display.

All Glass Design

The aluminium unibody design is a signature characteristic of the iPhone, but experts are expecting the inbound flagship to feature an all-glass design instead. A curved glass on the rear on the iPhone 8 is there for more than mere aesthetic value. It will lead to much-improved wireless charging, another feature that the iPhone 8 is expected to have. To think about it, all smartphones in the market today that supports wireless charging have either glass or plastic backs as electricity does not pass through metal as well.

Dual-Camera Setup and AR Support

Online leaks across multiple news sources have revealed that the iPhone 8 will feature a vertically-oriented dual-rear camera lens that can support augmented reality (AR). What can Apple do with AR? You might be able to point your iPhone 8 at an object and have it recognised. According to veteran Apple analyst Gene Munster, you will be able to find your seats at a crowded system or the grocery items amongst the aisles by looking at your phone. Additionally, Fast Company reported that Apple has developed a rear-facing 3D laser system that can improve AR depth detection as well as autofocus for photography.

In Conclusion... is it worth it?

From the leaks and information gathered thus far, the iPhone 8 seems to be a next-generation smartphone. Apple seems to be going all-in for its upcoming flagship and only time will tell if the effort will pay off. From the looks of it, the iPhone 8 is giving great value for its premium price tag.

If you are excited and cannot wait to own an iPhone, you can also check out these iPhone models below for more affordable options!

Apple iPhone 8 ₱ 39,232.27 A beautiful mind.iPhone 8 introduces an all‑new glass design. The world’s most popular camera, now even better. The smartest, most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. Wireless charging that’s truly effortless.1 And augmented reality experiences never before possible. iPhone 8. A new generation of iPhone. DesignAn iPhone formed from glass.How do you build an iPhone out of durable glass that also allows for wireless charging? By formulating a new kind of glass. Reinforcing it with a laser‑welded steel foundation and an aerospace‑grade aluminium band. And engineering it down to the micron for water resistance. The most durable glass ever in a smartphone.The front and back feature custom-engineered glass with a 50 per cent deeper strengthening layer. A new steel substructure and a stronger, aerospace‑grade 7000 Series aluminium band provide additional reinforcement. And an oleophobic coating lets you easily wipe off smudges and fingerprints. Three new finishes.iPhone 8 comes in three new glass finishes: space grey, silver and gold. A six‑layer ink process allows for precise hues, opacity and rich depth of colour. And the colour‑matched aluminium band complements the glass beautifully. Resists water, splashes and dust.iPhone 8 is precision-engineered at the microscopic level to protect against water, splashes and dust. Wireless charging for a wireless world.We’ve always intended iPhone to be a truly wireless device, free from charging cables and headphone cords. With a glass back and an embedded wireless charging system, iPhone 8 is designed for a wireless future. Louder, more dynamic stereo speakers.iPhone 8 features redesigned stereo speakers that are up to 25 per cent louder and deliver deeper bass. Crank up the volume and enjoy richer‑sounding music, videos and speakerphone calls. Advanced security at your fingertip.With Touch ID, your fingerprint is your secure password. Use it to instantly unlock your phone and sign in to many of your favourite apps. Touch ID also enables Apple Pay, which lets you pay in stores, within selected apps and on participating websites. Retina HD DisplayHow do you make a display that’s more aware of the environment around you? By using light‑sensing technology and an expansive colour spectrum to make everything on the screen look and feel more natural. True Tone.For a more comfortable viewing experience.True Tone technology uses an advanced four‑channel ambient light sensor to subtly adjust the onscreen white balance to match the colour temperature of the light around you. So images on the display look as natural as on a printed page, reducing eyestrain. The best colour accuracy in the industry.Lifelike colours and high contrast make everything you look at — photos, movies, games, news — crisp and captivating. With a wide colour gamut and the best colour accuracy in the industry, your photos will look as vibrant as real life. CamerasHow do you improve on the world’s most popular camera? By introducing a new sensor and powering it with A11 Bionic. It makes advanced photographic techniques easy and automatic — so everyone can shoot unbelievable photos and movies. iPhone 8 cameras are also designed for the most immersive and incredible augmented reality experiences. iPhone 8 CameraThe wide‑angle camera on iPhone 8 is the same one found in iPhone 8 Plus — featuring an ƒ/1.8 six‑element lens; optical image stabilisation; and a larger, faster 12‑megapixel sensor. New advanced Isp. Photo ops, optimised.The intelligent, Apple‑designed image signal processor detects elements in the scene — like people, motion and lighting conditions — to optimise your photos even before you take them. It also delivers advanced pixel processing, wide colour capture, faster autofocus and better HDR photos. Portrait mode.For a more beautiful depth‑of‑field effect.Portrait mode gets even better, with sharper detail, more natural background blurring, improved performance in low light and access to flash when you need it. Portrait Lighting.Real-time studio lighting effects.The product of extensive research into the art and science of portraiture, Portrait Lighting brings a new dimension to Portrait mode. Powered by A11 Bionic and the new Isp, Portrait Lighting uses facial detection and depth maps to capture portraits with striking shadows, spotlight effects and more. Front‑facing camera.Focus on yourself
Apple iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold ₱ 28,990.00 Apple iPhone 7 32GB - Rose GoldiPhone 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It introduces advanced new camera systems. The best performance and battery life ever in an iPhone. Immersive stereo speakers. The brightest, most colorful iPhone display. Splash and water resistance.1 And it looks every bit as powerful as it is. This is iPhone 7.   DesignMakes a splash.Takes a splash. iPhone 7 reaches a new level of innovation and precision. The jet black finish is like nothing we’ve ever made. The enclosure is splash and water resistant.1 The Home button is completely reengineered. And with a new unibody design that’s seamless to the touch, iPhone 7 feels as amazing as it looks. Two sizes. Five finishes. With iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we’re introducing a beautiful black with a matte finish and a deep, high-gloss jet black. Both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models — constructed with incredibly strong 7000 Series aluminum — are also available in our signature silver, gold, and rose gold finishes.   iPhone 7 Camera An entirely new camera enters the picture. iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. Now we’ve reengineered that beloved camera, adding optical image stabilization, an ƒ/1.8 aperture, and a six-element lens to make it even better for shooting photos and videos in low light. And with advanced new features like wide color capture, your photos and Live Photos will look even more vibrant.   Optical image stabilization iPhone 7 comes with optical image stabilization to reduce blur associated with motion and handshake. A sensor helps the lens counteract even the tiniest movement, allowing for up to 3x longer exposure compared to iPhone 6s. ƒ/1.8 aperture A larger aperture allows up to 50 percent more light onto the camera sensor than iPhone 6s, further enhancing the camera’s ability to take superb low-light photos. Teamed with the new six-element lens, the camera will deliver brighter, more detailed shots. Quad-LED True Tone flash Four smart LEDs flash 50 percent brighter than iPhone 6s. The flash adjusts according to the color temperature of the environment, resulting in sharper, more brightly lit photos. Now your movies are just like the movies. Videos shot in darker settings with iPhone 7 will look remarkably better, enhanced by optical image stabilization and the all-new ƒ/1.8 aperture. And the 12MP camera captures high-resolution video up to 4K. So you can shoot epic movies of epic moments, even if they’re happening in low light. Optical image stabilizationWith a longer exposure, optical image stabilization reduces motion blur in your footage. An ƒ/1.8 aperture helps you film even better low-light videos, too. 4K videoiPhone 7 lets you shoot in 4K resolution — with over 8 million pixels. And you can edit your video in iMovie, then share it instantly.Slo-mo videoMake your favorite moments last even longer. iPhone 7 offers slo-mo support in 1080p and 720p HD.Time-lapse videoCapture footage at dynamically selected intervals to create a time‑lapse video that’s quick and easy to share.New 7MP front-facing camera. Love your selfie.The FaceTime HD camera is not only higher resolution, but it also uses wide color capture. So now you can take sharper and more vibrant selfies. Worried about lighting? The Retina Flash matches the ambient light for a shot with natural-looking skin tones. Hello, gorgeous. More brains behind the camera. Smarter ISP.Why is the camera on iPhone 7 so advanced? It has an improved Apple‑designed image signal processor built into the A10 Fusion chip. When you take a photo or video, the ISP powers over 100 billion operations and even uses machine learning to make your images look amazing. Other improvements include faster focus and improved local tone mapping and white balance. Photos for iOS. Bringing all your memories into focus.You’ve never experienced your photos quite like this. The Photos app offers tools that let you find, share, and remaster your photos in entirely new ways. And the Memories feature uses advanced search technology to sort your photos into albums and movies for you to enjoy — without putting in any work.   Retina HD Display The brightest, most colorful iPhone display yet. Almost everything you experience with your iPhone comes to life on its display. It’s where you look at the photos, messages, news, and countless other things that make up your day. The iPhone 7 display uses the same color space as the digital cinema industry, so what you see will be noticeably more brilliant and vibrant. Because we all deserve a bit more brightness in our day. More colors. More true to life.With a new wide color gamut, the Retina HD display is able to deliver cinema‑standard colors — and the best color management in the smartphone industry. More shades of the color spectrum can be used to create an image, meaning that what you see on the screen is a truer representation of the world. So whether you’re checking out photos of that perfect dress or Live Photos you took in the tropics, the colors will be so accurate, it will look like you’re there. 3D Touch. Now even handier.When you use 3D Touch, your iPhone responds with subtle taps. So not only will you see what a press can do — you’ll feel it. The new Retina HD display on iPhone 7 deeply integrates 3D Touch throughout iOS. Now you can interact with Messages, Calendar, Mail, and other apps in a more powerful, more responsive way.   A10 Fusion Chip The most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.2× faster than iPhone 6 Longest battery life ever in an iPhone iPhone 7 is supercharged by the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone. It’s not just faster than any previous iPhone — it’s also more efficient. That’s because the A10 Fusion chip uses an all-new architecture that enables faster processing when you need it, and the ability to use even less power when you don’t. And with the longest battery life ever in an iPhone, you can work at twice the speed of iPhone 6 and still enjoy more time between charges.Faster and more efficient.With an all-new four-core design, the A10 Fusion chip’s CPU has two high‑performance cores and two high‑efficiency cores. The high‑performance cores can run at up to 2x the speed of iPhone 6, while the high‑efficiency cores are capable of running at just one-fifth the power of the high‑performance cores. That means you get the best performance and efficiency when you need it.Longest battery life ever in an iPhone.With the A10 Fusion chip, this year you’ll get more time between charges than ever before. Take advantage of up to two more hours on iPhone 7 and up to one more hour on iPhone 7 Plus than the previous generation. Audio iPhone. Now in stereo. For the first time, iPhone comes with stereo speakers, delivering two times the audio output of iPhone 6s and increased dynamic range. So whether you’re listening to music, watching videos, or making speakerphone calls, iPhone 7 lets you crank it up. Way, way up. EarPods. With a Lightning connector.iPhone 7 comes with EarPods that have a Lightning connector. But if you still want to listen through your old headphones, you can plug them in using a 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter, also included.Introducing AirPods.The new AirPods offer a game-changing listening experience. Designed with a huge amount of forward-thinking technology inside a tiny device, these wireless headphones combine crystal clear sound with a new sense of freedom.   Wi-Fi and Cellular Faster LTE with the best worldwide roaming. iPhone 7 features LTE Advanced, with speeds up to 450 Mbps for data downloads — over 50 percent faster than iPhone 6s and three times faster than iPhone 6.6 And thanks to even more LTE bands, you’ll have the best worldwide roaming available in a smartphone. Happy travels.Crystal clear VoLTE and Wi-Fi calls.iPhone 7 supports Voice over LTE — high‑quality wideband calls that make your conversations sound as crisp and clear as if you were face to face. When you’re unable to get cellular service, Wi-Fi calling provides an easy way to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi connection. And now both are supported on even more carriers around the world.Answer calls on apps like Facebook Messenger and more.No matter where your call comes from, iPhone 7 can answer it just like a regular call. You can even access your contacts and use call waiting.
Apple iPhone Xs ₱ 62,794.08 Welcome to the big screens.Super Retina in two sizes — including the largest display ever on an iPhone. Even faster Face ID. The smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone. And a breakthrough dual-camera system. iPhone XS is everything you love about iPhone. Taken to the extreme. Super Retina. In big and bigger. The custom-engineered Oled displays on iPhone XS deliver the most accurate colour in the industry, as well as HDR and true blacks. And iPhone XS Max has our largest display ever on an iPhone. Exceptional materials. The most durable glass ever in a smartphone. A beautiful new gold finish, achieved with an atomic-level process. Precision-machined, surgical-grade stainless steel bands. And a new level of water and dust resistance. Advanced Face ID. Security is simple when your face is your password. You can unlock your iPhone, log in to apps and pay for things with a glance. It’s the most secure facial authentication ever in a smartphone. And now it’s even faster. Intelligent A12 Bionic. This is the smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone, with our next-generation Neural Engine. For amazing augmented reality experiences. Incredible portraits with Depth Control. And speed and fluidity in everything you do. Breakthrough dual-camera system. The world’s most popular camera is defining a new era of photography. Where an innovative sensor works with the ISP and Neural Engine to help you create photos like never before. Smart Hdr. New secondary frames, a faster sensor and the powerful A12 Bionic chip bring more highlight and shadow detail to your photos. Larger and deeper pixels. A new sensor creates better image fidelity, greater colour accuracy and reduced noise in low‑light shots. Enhanced bokeh effect. Portrait mode photos look even more professional thanks to a sophisticated background blur. All-new Depth Control. Now you can adjust the depth of field in portraits after you shoot. And this. iPhone XS delivers Gigabit-class LTE for superfast download speeds.5 And up to 512Gb of storage, making this our highest-capacity iPhone yet. No other phone is like iPhone. Every decision that goes into iPhone makes it stand apart. From the way it’s made, to the way we build in privacy and security from the start, to the innovative ways we recycle its components.

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