Samsung Galaxy Buds Might Be Your Next Pocket Buddy

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The hype has been going around Samsung Galaxy S10 on the internet recently. There is a Reddit thread fully dedicated to some ideas for the hole-punch display being used as part of a creative wallpaper (think about Wall-E’s eyes, Big Hero 6 Baymax’s eyes, Darth Vader’s eyes, etc.). And of course, some positive and mixed appraisals on its multiple camera lens and features have also surfaced online.

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Whenever a new flagship phone gets released, Samsung will upgrade their accessories along with it. One accessory we definitely can’t miss out, especially as avid music listeners, is the wireless earbuds. Many have speculated whether the Galaxy Buds will surpass AirPods when it comes to sound quality. Does Samsung meet or exceed our expectations for a pair of wireless earbuds this time?

What’s In The Box?

Users who have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have received an entire box of Galaxy Buds for free. Opening up the box, items found in it include two earbuds (available in black or white), a small wireless charging case, a USB Type-C cable, three sets of different silicon tips and a pair of earfins, as well as a quick start guide. At first impression, the Galaxy Buds come in a great package of minor accessories that help make the buds fit your ears better. The buds are also relatively smaller in comparison to the size of wireless headphones.

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Earbuds Case

Unlike regular earbuds case, the pill-like Galaxy Buds’ case consists of cool built-in features that would leave your heart shattered if you lost it. First off, this lightweight case works as a wireless charging case for your earbuds. It offers seven hours of battery life, which however is considered unsatisfactory for some reviewers. Though, the earbuds case would be beneficial for Samsung Galaxy users as it can be charged conveniently via the back of the new Galaxy S10 series or a regular wireless charging pad.

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Galaxy Wearable App

Music aficionados would definitely appreciate earbuds that can be connected to a mobile app for adjusting sound quality and checking the battery status of the earbuds. Not only is the mobile app comprised of these two features, it also has an ‘Ambient Sound’ and a ‘Find My Earbuds’ feature.

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Ambient Sound

To avoid the embarrassment of not responding to someone calling out your name, this feature can be turned on via the app. Ambient sound allows some surrounding noise to permeate through your buds, so that you won’t miss out on things happening around you. This would work best when you’re in an airport waiting for flight announcements or jogging by busy streets with car honking sound. Make sure to be aware of your safety while jamming to great music at the same time!


Here comes the fun part for music listeners who like to play around with an equalizer that tailors to their music taste and preference. There are five equalization settings including Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear, and Treble Boost. This feature allows you to change the setting based on the music genre you’re listening to. For instance, when electronic dance music comes on, you would definitely be suggested to opt for the Bass Boost setting; whereas with Clear setting, it enhances the sound of acoustic guitar and light vocals, hence would be suitable for folk music or jazz music.

Find My Earbuds

The Galaxy Buds are tiny and thus can easily be misplaced elsewhere. First, turn on the Find My Earbuds feature on the Galaxy Wear app, then select “Start” to begin the searching process of your lost earbuds. The earbuds will start beeping and gradually grow louder to catch your attention. The beeping sound lasts for 3 minutes. When you’ve found it until then, you can end your search by clicking “Stop”. Who knows, the earbuds might just be under your couch or beneath your pillow after all? Some important things to keep in mind before using the feature:

  1. Displayed settings and menu options might differ depending upon the software or the device
  2. The earbuds must be turned on and connected with the app
  3. The earbuds may not beep if foreign substances or debris obstruct the Infrared sensor

(Source: Samsung official website)

Final Verdict

Comparing the new Galaxy Buds to AirPods, its battery life is one hour more than AirPods, and is priced much lower than the latter. Besides, the earbuds get about 1.7 hours of playback after getting charged for 15 minutes. Most users with personal preferences like to be given more options when selecting products that define their personality. In terms of color options, the AirPods are only available in that one symbolic white color, while the Galaxy buds offer not just one but three colors - black, white, and bright yellow. There are always drawbacks with every pair of earbuds regardless of the brand name. Here, we sum up some pros and cons of the Galaxy Buds for your reference:



  • Can be paired with any mobile device
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Songs can be stored on the earbuds for battery-saving
  • Quick charging feature
  • Six-hour battery life
  • Short battery life in the Galaxy Buds’ case
  • Unstable touchpad triggers on the buds
  • Unsteady Bluetooth connectivity

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