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Samsung Galaxy J3 delivers promising performance than its predecessor 

05 February 2018 | Aaron Tam

As a budget smartphone, the last year's Samsung Galaxy J3 has been well-received by many people as it maintains the right balance of price and performance. In other words, it is an amazing model that you can get at a more affordable price. Unsurprisingly, people will always try to compare this year's Samsung Galaxy J3 with its predecessor. As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy J3 is certainly way better than its older sibling.

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In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy J3 will be fitted with Samsung Exynos 7570 as reported. Apparently, this newer chip provides performance that is as much as 70% higher while boosting the power efficiency by 30%. Not just that, this year's Samsung Galaxy J3 will also incorporate 2GB of RAM instead of the last year's1.5GB of RAM. Needless to say, this just means that your new Samsung Galaxy J3 will be smoother and faster than the previous one.

As for its battery, the Samsung Galaxy J3 utilizes the same 2600mAh battery like its predecessor. Yet, Samsung Galaxy J3 is said to enjoy a longer battery life since it can take advantage of its newer chip's better power efficiency. It will be a matter of time before the new Samsung Galaxy J3 will be released to the market. Most people believe that it should get the same price like its predecessor during its release.

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