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Sony is Debuting a New Phone with a 48MP Camera

01 August 2018 | MJ Mendoza

  • The Sony Xperia XZ3 will feature a new single-lens 48MP camera sensor this August.
  • This new Sony technology promises clearer photos and improves low-light photography.
  • The new Sony phone will also feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB RAM, and a 5.7-inch screen.

It’s hard to imagine a life without a camera on your phone. From scanning important documents to sharing on social media, life without a camera is without color. Almost 20 years ago, nobody would have thought that it would change the way we see technology and it’s about to take a huge leap once more.

During the 2000s, camera phones came in all shapes in sizes including favorites such as the Motorola Razr Flip phone and the Nokia N90. But, in as early as 2007 there were already phones with dual-lens aiming to capture a 3D image but such technology was abandoned in favor of what we call now as “depth effect” with the release of the HTC One M8. Remember kids, Apple was not the first one to create a dual-lens setup, it was HTC.

When the Huawei P20 Pro came out, everyone thought that smartphones would slowly transition from dual-lens to triple-lens and even quad-lens with the Huawei Honor 9 Lite. Though most brands are still playing around with a dual-lens design, Sony is sticking to its roots with its single-lens setup.

The Japanese tech giant is set to release their brand new flagship - the Sony Xperia XZ3 this August armed with a powerful single-lens 48MP camera sensor. This new sensor uses Quad-Bayer filtering to improve clarity and low-light photography.

Following their announcement of their IMX586 48MP image sensor for mobile devices last week, it is not surprising that they will debut the technology on their own flagship.

Leaked Sony Xperia XZ3 Specs

Besides its massive camera, several specs of the phone have also been leaked. Rumors have been circulating around the web that the Sony XZ3 will feature a 5.7-inch screen, a Snapdragon 845 chipset, and 6GB RAM; a standard among many flagship phones today.

There have also been talk about when the Sony Xperia XZ3 will be released. There have been announcements that the phone will be released after IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) - the oldest international exhibition in Berlin, which is scheduled in August 30 this year.

Do you think 48-megapixel is overkill? Let us know in the comments below or tag a friend that needs this phone right now!

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