The Oppo F9 - the First-ever Phone with a Teardrop Shape Notch

01 August 2018 | MJ Mendoza

Love it or hate it, notches are here to stay. Thanks to the iPhone X (who, by the way, was not the first to introduce the notch), more and more models are now following suit like the Oneplus 6, Oppo F7, Huawei P20, and several others.

If you’re a hater, there is a valid argument as to why a notch is there for most of these phones. Necessities like the front camera, speakers for making calls, and several sensors are situated within the notch. Unless you’re getting an Oppo Find X or Vivo Apex that “hide” these parts, notches seem like a direction most phone brands would go (except for Samsung).

While most designs go for a more angular notch, Oppo is taking the design to the next level with their teardrop-shaped notch. From the brand that gave you the Find X, Oppo is debuting a brand new addition to their F series - the Oppo F9.

Set to be released in August, the Chinese tech brand has teased the phone on their Facebook page. The phone will feature a teardrop-shaped notch which will probably the smallest for any smartphone, as well as dual-lens cameras, and diamond pattern on the back.

Oppo India, on the other hand, has revealed another variant of the F9 called the Oppo F9 Pro which, according to the ad, will have a 2-hour talk time in a 5-minute charge. Nothing official has come out regarding the Oppo F9 specs or price but everyone can’t wait to see this model on the shelves.

Do you think this phone is a true game changer? Let us know in the comments and tag a person that needs to see this phone right now!

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