What is Pokemon Deluge? And Why Should You Play It?

Reymart Jan Sarigumba

If you’re a Pokemon enthusiast, you’d probably know by now that there’s a multiplayer browser game called “Pokemon Deluge” (also known as DelugeRPG). This game started way back in 2009, superseding the now-defunct Pokemon Crater.

Pokemon Deluge lets you catch, trade, and even battle pokemons against other players. But unlike triple-A blockbuster titles like the Pokemon Sword and Shield, this game is not a complete role-playing game with amazing storylines and visuals. Instead, it uses 16-bit sprites and simple background images, with the game focusing on battles, trading, and collecting pokemons.

Whether you’re interested in the game, or you’re on the fence about playing it, here are several reasons why you should start playing Pokemon Deluge.

No-hassle registration

Pokemon Deluge doesn’t have an intimidating registration page with lots of questions related to your address, zip codes, etc. Simply enter your nickname and password, and voila – you’re ready to choose a starter pokemon and embark on a new adventure!

Choose a starter from 21 pokemons!

Before you start out on your Pokemon journey, you will get to choose your starter from 21 pokemons, spanning 7 generations. Will you pick generation one fan favorites like Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle? Or try out new seventh-gen starters like Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio?

Various classes of pokemons

Besides normal and shiny, you can find many different classes of pokemons on DelugeRPG. These include dark pokemons which possess 25% more power; ghostly pokemons which can scare opponents; and metallic pokemons which are immune to status effects like poison, sleep, freeze, etc. There are also retro pokemons – incredibly rare pokemons that are meant to be collectibles.

Use Z-moves in battles!

Image courtesy of Bulbapedia

Pokemons in Pokemon Sun and Moon can use Z-Moves – powerful moves that can only be applied once per battle. You can also apply these special moves on any pokemon in DelugeRPG! To teach a pokemon a Z-move, just go to Change Attacks and select a Z-move that is marked with *.

Built-in online community

If you’re bored at work, you can sneak in some gaming time and discuss all sorts of Pokemon-related topics with people with common interests on DelugeRPG Forums! You can also use this forum for finding people to trade and battle pokemons with.

So, there you have it – the 5 reasons why you should start playing Pokemon Deluge. If you’re at work or school, wanting to kill some time, then this is one of the games you should play. But if you want a complete pokemon experience, try out the Pokemon Sword and Shield – the current pokemon titles for the Nintendo Switch!

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