Tribal Philippines offers its wide selection of products from shoes, clothing, accessories and more! Scroll down for more Tribal products for sale online or click here to know how you can add a little edginess to your everyday streetwear.


Tribal Philippines - Streetwear Defined

If you talk about street fashion and street wear, there’s only one brand that you should own. Tribal the Philippines gives you the opportunity to revamp your closet with the finest tees, tops, pants, shorts, shoes, accessories and more! Made from the United States in partnership with bands such as Linkin Park, Korn, and Delinquent Habits and the best street artists such as OG Gabel, AS. Vince, Mr. Cartoon, and Munk One, Tribal Philippines ensures great designs, and quality fabrics, that would up your street cred.

About Tribal Philippines

Perhaps one of the most recognized street brands today, Tribal Gear was first established by brothers Booby and Joey Ruiz. It was on November 20, 1989, that the two brothers sought for sponsors for their graffiti art show/benefit in San Diego; that same day, they met Carl Arellano who had a silk screen printing business. The brother’s being artists (Joey was a tattoo artist) Bobby prepared the concept artwork. Greatly influenced by his graffiti and his brother’s work, they started printing their creation on blank shirts. The first designs were greatly inspired by the Aztec and Mayan culture, thus the name “Tribal”. Many people started noticing the great designs from the brand, and not soon after, Tribal had soon started working with artists from the Hip Hop scene. Seeing the potential, the company ventured to other products such as shoes, pants, shorts, and accessories. Today, 30 years after Bobby, Joey, and Carl established Tribal Gear, the brand is now known internationally as one of the best streetwear brands in the industry.

The brand’s inspiration

Tribal is not without great inspiration. The brand mainly gets its creativity and influence from Graffiti, breakdancing, and the Latino community, which served as a driving force to expand the brand and create better, more modern designs for their consumers.


As the founder of the brand, Bobby Ruiz was a great graffiti artist. It is no surprise that the art form has become an inspiration towards their designs. Throughout their years of operation, the brand has collaborated with 200 graffiti artist, providing a great canvas where they can express their creativity. California street art legends OG Abel, Mr. Cartoon, and home-grown talents such as Hasl, Brisk, and Pursue has all worked with the brand to create strong designs, greatly influenced by the Graffiti and Hip Hop scene.


When there’s Hip Hop music, there’s breakdancing. Tribal Philippines is a popular brand worn by many breakdancers both in the United States and around the world. In addition, the brand has also supported many breakdancing events and dancers including Lil Rock, Anthrax, Nabil, Moskito, Ruen, Lil Bob, Rainen, and Franky Flav.

The Latino community

Growing up in the Latino community in Southern California, founders Bobby and Joey Ruiz has incorporated much of its influence towards the brand. Hip Hop, graffiti, and street culture has always been a characteristic of the Southern California Latino lifestyle. This influence has also opened markets in Germany and Japan where the interest in Latino culture is a great market for streetwear.

Exciting products from Tribal Philippines

If you want to keep it street but have no idea what brand to purchase, then Tribal Philippines is your best friend. They have a wide range of products that would certainly fit your taste. For almost 30 years, the brand has been providing new and exciting designs in shoes, bags, clothing, accessories and so much more! Here are some great products from Tribal Philippines that you should have in your closet:

  • Tees
  • Jeans
  • Caps
  • Hoodies
  • Shoes
  • Bags

Tribal Philippines - edgy street fashion tips

When it comes to street wear, there’s no better brand than Tribal Philippines. It is a brand supported by many great artists, especially in music. From rock bands such as P.O.D, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Los Lobos to Hip Hop artists like Snoop Dogg, Rock Steady Crew, Crazy Legs, Tribal Gear gives you only the best streetwear designs for you and your squad. Here are some great fashion tips on how to rock your streetwear outfit with Tribal Philippines.

  1. When rocking a streetwear outfit, your footwear is almost as important as the clothes you wear. Streetwear is often associated with closed shoes e.g. sneakers. Tribal rose still slip on shoes would be great for women or Tribal Cabooze Skate Slip-on for women.
  2. Streetwear is all about being comfortable with yourself and the clothes that you wear. For bottoms, jeans or jogger pants are always a choice to match your sneakers; it doesn’t have have to be too loose nor too tight.
  3. Graphic tees are always go-to when it comes to streetwear. Tribal has a wide selection of tee designs for both men and women, or if you want to be more subtle, bottom-up flannel would also be cool.
  4. Outerwear is also pretty common in streetwear. Though optional, sweaters and hoodies like the SD Patch Men’s hoodie are perfect to keep you away from the cold and be more fashionable.
  5. Another optional trend of streetwear is wearing caps and hats. Ball caps, beanies, and snapbacks are a popular choice in streetwear.

Tribal the Philippines inspires individuality and creativity on all their products. As a brand established with great influence in music, graffiti, and the street subculture, it is a brand of choice for many young individuals. Show your edgy side and take a look at available products from Tribal the Philippines here or check out other brands that you can wear such as Vans, Nike, Quiskilver, and much more!